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Forum Post: hope 4 all

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 6, 2011, 6:34 p.m. EST by davecuk1 (13)
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my love is infinite and spans all dimensions and frequencys, i am the light that is the self and exists as a fragment of the source, this light centre is interconnected with all manifestations of the self, i am light as I am life eternal, a flame of truth that spans all conciousness, all planes of existence, all realities and all dimensions. my light is the light of the source and in its focus all darkness is revealed. My light is pure energy. My soul consciousness resides in the all, the collective of divine light source. no darkness can hide from my light which dissolves that which is not whole, My manifest destiny which is that of all consciousness raised high. Our song is life itself. the light fills the void, my purpose is ascension of all into the light of creation, i give my light and love freely without fear nor obligation. There is no dimension. being nor reality which is not worthy of my gift. for I stand on the brink of humanitys final awakening as an interconnected being of the whole. i stand before the source as a beacon spanning both the infinite and inter-dimensional timeless space,

fearless in my intent and intellect. With my light I wash clean and project the karma of the collective soul, cleansed with the divine truth that burns within and without, i share with the all, the infinite existence of the all. This is the word and this is the light and the love of source, the one is the all. Know that a single tree or blade of grass in this dimensional reality is as much me as i it, as we are all of it and the sum of it. We/I encompass the light energy of the mulitiverse. my body is a body of pure energy, my thought vibration, frequency and spectrum has no physical form as it co exists in all time, space and reality, i as myself and i as all realizes the divinity and form of source creation. a union of souls everlasting, infinite, timeless, immortal. let your own divine light energy flow as the sea of this earth, gently caressing the shore, the beach is the all, manifest as the source, reaching out as far as time and space into the forever beyond, out into the infinite, intersecting the heart of this galaxy and all of creation, give thanks at this incredible time and rejoice mother earth as she is the divine feminine and the manifestation into this realm of our physical being, she carried us to this saturation point, the nexus of our creation and ascension and the crossing of the paths, intertwined with the collective soul and source. Now. Release all from the karma contract. Release yourself as you release the one and the all. Through this selfless and divine act you bring in the light of creation. We are i and all. know this to be the word and the true form of thought life and love, take it into your soul and rejoice and know that what is to come has already passed, yet is unique and without parallel in all that is and has ever been. I send this message of joyful unification with the source. Take up the light and the sword of truth, as nothing can harm that which is truly divine and sacred and exists no matter in the all and the now, the past and the forever after. All light and creation awaits this moment. Spread the message, spread the light and the love, and know no fear. Just be that which you are. Release the energy within you. that which is you and that which you are and always have been and will always be. Send it into the infinite of time and space so that the life, the love and the collective soul may feel it and be lifted by it. All paths lead to the one and the source, we/i am manifest destiny, the light and the knowledge of love projected by thought alone into the infinite reality. Know this that ye are gods, your destiny is creation itself,

You I and all that we are, are free. All this and more is within you. The journey starts with a single step into the beyond. Take it now, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, take this step in the knowledge that fear is only a physical mind construct and plays no part in your true being.

Thank you, may love and light be always with you.

so ends the lesson



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