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Forum Post: Hong Kong Unrests

Posted 2 weeks ago on Aug. 30, 2019, 11:45 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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An explanation of the non-abating unrests in Hong Kong is : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6_RdnVtfZPY

Hong Kong is the greatest hub for capital flow and business between Red China and the West (foremost amongst which is not too surprisingly the U.S; we do have many U.S. nationals there, at least one percent of the teeming masses.) Its economy is "slightly larger than Israel's or Ireland's[29][30][31] and its GDP per capita at purchasing power parity was the sixth highest globally in 2011, higher than the United States and the Netherlands and slightly lower than Brunei."

Imagine pulling the plug to drain off the economy of Israel or Ireland!

The totally unnecessary (yep, the colonial Brits would have done better by sipping tea and betting on the horses; when the bosses were mostly having their attention largely directed towards elsewhere for centuries, Hong Kong had grown marvelously well from a small fishing village which even came with pirates in its environs into a major cosmopolis) politico-economic scar will last for at least many decades if not longer.

Time is also running out fast because Beijing is under "terrorist" attacks just as "it was in June of 1989 in Tiananmen Square." See @18:43 a typical example of what Red China has brainwashed its people with and kept them inside of a drum.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 day ago

这是中国一位长期居民的一段视频,他被中国共产党严厉的洗脑专政所困扰。This is a video from a longtime China resident upset by the heavy-handed brainwashing dictatorship of the incompetent Chinese Communist Party. I've just realized that Winnie the Pooh is a loyal customer of the chamber pot, Pootin the Great. That's why they often stick together!

The statue of Freedom perches upon the top of our Capitol, our house of self-governance for our people (Democracy,) occupying the highest position in Washington, D.C. Let's always remember our nation's highest value.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 weeks ago

Beijing is under "terrorist" attacks. What can everyone do to avoid the impending calamity in Hong Kong? A potential violent crackdown may only be weeks away!

With that, the rule of law for which so many Western companies had chosen Hong Kong as their homebase of registration, incorporation, and/or operation to do business with Red China would be lost. Edward Snowden who certainly knew at least some things, chose Hong Kong to escape to probably due to its lack of extradition treaties so that the laws imposed on him wouldn't amorphously deform and change.

I don't really see any valid argument why Red China is an arctic country with nothing of it abutting the Arctic Ocean. Maybe it's just greed. Nor can I understand why it claims nearly the entirety of the South China Sea as its very own with the 9-dotted-line map. Red China is a bully in its neighborhood. If the U.S. starts to call it the Western American Warm Lake and changes all of the references to it as the South China Sea in our history, textbooks, and documents, will that make it "American?" We can see by the U.S. denying visas to journalists worldwide who don't call it the Western American Warm Lake in their publications. If they still don't comply, we'll freeze any assets of their countries and impose sanctions.

As a youngster sleeping for eleven hours a night, I sometimes dreamt of the Western American Warm Lake and woke up next to it. The American Empire's influence was close-by and narrow (all great empires were authoritarian and brittle -- cultures and languages are formidable barriers; without committing cultural and linguistic genocides, cultures and languages cannot change in a generation so authoritarian repressive governance is often used.) After her looking at the budgies (budgerigar means "good eating" in aborigines' language) and the boy biting into the berry, he said, "it tastes like meat," but it wasn't, as the radio broadcast, "today is Armistice Day." I didn't like the Empire's Abrahamic influence on my Mom, though, who started sounding more like a movie director, "cut, cut, cut!"

The Northern Europeans handled the situation of discovering oil and gas resources in the North Sea fairly peaceably. Red China and its neighbors may be able to borrow some ideas from how the resource boundaries were drawn.

It takes nineteen years to grow an adult human being starting from a fertile mating couple and nurturing parents/guardians. Heavy military equipment left behind in a hurry on the beaches of Dunkirk wouldn't take long to be replaced by "the arsenal of democracy." The liberation of western Europe was largely won by the convoys and their sailors in the icy cold water of the North Atlantic.

A child once asked me whether the Earth is overpopulated or not. My answer was, "both overpopulated and under-populated." The kind of the people makes a huge difference.

Red China may crush Hong Kong people militarily but all we can save will be back with better training, tactics, and equipment to conquer (or liberate with the Peoples' Liberation Army) China, with the help of the caged and oppressed Chinese people and the freedom-loving peoples of the World.