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Forum Post: Hong Kong has a lot to learn from you

Posted 10 years ago on Oct. 5, 2011, 2:12 a.m. EST by hknowdotcodotcc (1)
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"create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone."

Well put.

"If we’re successful navigating a course that allows free markets to once again be free — and we clear the mechanism and pave a path for generations to have a fair shot at a better future — is that really such an ominous outcome? Todd Harrison"

I respect and applaud you.

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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 weeks ago

Regardless of delta- or omicron-strain affliction, wanking is a poor-man/poor-woman's highly efficient and widely available ( unfortunately, some countries' people practice genital mutilation so this is less than universally available for subservient females ) life-saving option to get airways opened up to improve the breathing process if one should encounter any breathing difficulty from CoViD-19. If oxygen doesn't get through, one dies.

Another way is to breathe oxygen at a higher concentration such as by using oxygen-generators to concentrate oxygen from air to ~95% purity in a process similar to what Iran is doing right now with its phalanx of centrifuges to get closer to nuclear-weapons-grade enriched uranium. Ventilators can assist breathing, too. Steroids such as albuterol administered via a nebulizer can dilate bronchial tubes to admit more air into one's lungs. Eating citrus fruits' rind ( i.e. the outer skins of lemons, oranges, kumquat...) can also relieve breathing. Sudafed(R) has epinephrine/adrenalin to decongest airways. So does 五加. My Mom started drinking a tiny cup of alcohol with this at age 5, together with her Dad. According to my Mom, the alcohol extract of the herb enabled her Dad to have great stamina in staying up all night long in freezing coldness day after day for months in order to save my Big Brother's life. A fundamental principle of Chemistry is that like kind dissolves like kind so it takes alcohol which is organic to dissolve organic essences of the herb and it takes fat to dissolve vitamin-D which is fatty to convey it in foods. I started drinking a little bit of alcohol, beer and whisky, tossed in with salty chicken, at age 7. Our family certainly had no problem traditionally with children drinking a tiny bit of alcohol. Many peoples of diverse cultures around the world consumed some alcohol in their fermented drinks rather than just plain water { Muslims/Moslems who ban alcohol consumption aren't subject as much to this evolutionary pressure because of their left-hand-for-hind-lower-hole right-hand-for-front-upper-hole hygienic protocol, started at least centuries ago; European cultures were traditionally shaking hands in unhygenic way, rather retarded relative to the Muslims/Moslems; even the Hindus with their Untouchable Caste have the noncontact namaste greeting 《Chinese and Japanese also have noncontact ones; maybe all ancient civilizations have noncontact ones so CoViD-19 is evolving Europeans towards a more advanced hygienic culture; U.S. Red States are likely populated by backwards people on their way out to oblivion, following the example of Native Americans' vast number of pandemic-ravaged ancestors wiped out by imported diseases》as being socially acceptable so my guess is that the Hindus might have been ravaged before in ancient times by contact-contagious diseases } probably because of natural-selection pressure favoring the survival of the peoples gulping alcohol-disinfected drinks rather than polluted water with deadly waterborne illnesses such as cholera. I suspect that the municipal potable water supply near my childhood shantytown's public toilet wasn't just provided for avoiding cholera. It's likely put in due to a potable water shortage, too. Hong Kong suffered from droughts fairly often despite its having on average 72 inches of rainfall per year in the 1960s and 1970s ( it's seasonally very wet but catch the freshwater if you can, quickly; like Manhattan, Hong Kong has very strong bedrock so skyscrappers are possible but soaking up water for later release isn't its forte; both Hong Kong and New York need a water-funnel-like watershed area(s); New York's watershed area is fairly easily visible from space but Hong Kong has it inside of Red China so its freedom was doomed to begin with, notwithstanding the de facto signal of consent to Red China's Hong Kong crackdown given by a very senior U.S. official to "stabilize"; freedom is easily quashed if one seeks stabilization in the face of aggression by holding oneself back and failing to rise to the occasion: "peace in our time" were very infamous and painfully memorable words regarding a compound-interest-rate loan from the future payable in blood, sweat, and tears ).

Wanking to orgasm releases human bodies' norepinephrine ( NORmal EPI-NEPHR-INE ) and it works similarly as epinephrine but it's most widely available so as long as used judiciously, everyone should include how to wank to orgasm in their life-skill repertoire.

One bad effect of CoViD-19 was its formation of blood clots which could cause all kinds of different problems depending upon where they had formed. Citrus acid prevents blood from clotting. I ingested a whole orange so its citric acid could have relieved me from the complications of blood clots but it could have made my already bleeding areas worse such as the painful back of my throat and my sinuses. Any blood clot preventing substance needs to be used with great caution regarding dosage and clinical conditions ( they're like bulldozers opening up conduits for blood to flow but if misused or misdirected, they can be fatal ) : warfarin, heparin... I took a chance with a cup of mildly tannic-acid-toxic set-overnight orange-rind tea ( inadvertently set overnight so its tannin had oxidized over night to form toxic tannic acid ), an entire orange, and water to flush it all out after intense pain, nausea, and nearly fainting because I was very desperate -- if I didn't get my body's plumbing working well quickly again, I would die ! I had most of the symptoms of MIS-A, probably arising from an untest-verified CoViD-19 contracted on Feb. 8, 2020, sore throat and sinus on Feb. 10, cough, breathing difficulty, stabbing pain in the back, severe stomach-ache, after ingesting tea and an entire orange, nearly fainted, and expunged via diarrhea on Feb. 11, 2020.

I had excessive exposure to sunlight without any suntan protection in childhood ( Baby Boomers didn't have suntan lotions at the time so count yourselves lucky if you're not a Baby Boomer because you're somewhat relieved from getting skin cancers ). I knew my risk so I had switched to getting vitamin-D from food sources instead by not avoiding vitamin-D-rich fatty foods. Low-fat or nonfat foods don't have much vitamin-D due to its being fat soluble. Higher amounts of bodily vitamin-D may confer an advantage in faring well with CoViD-19. I in any case would have tried to keep vitamin-D's bodily amount in me high for other reasons ( as I live in a higher northern latitude so sunlight-stimulated bodily production of vitamin-D from the cholesterol under my skin is very limited; I also don't have a problem with being fat, obese.. so eating some fatty cold water fish to get more vitamin-D is fine with me; vitamin-D being a hormone is also involved in making the immune system strong and many important bodily processes ).

If one suffers from incessant propagando diarrheas ( maybe from Clone's Disease,) a biologic implant can replenish the rectal/colonal intestinal-fortitude flora with healthy hydrogen/methane generating colonies.