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Forum Post: Home of the brave?

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 4, 2012, 9:09 p.m. EST by richardkentgates (3269)
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[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23771) 11 years ago

Good point. If capitalism requires so many low paid workers (earning far less than a living wage) then it's plain and simple, isn't it? Capitalism does not work.

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 11 years ago

You got it. I say if capitalism works, let them prove it.

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23771) 11 years ago

You see, the thing is, it works for them, so they don't want to change it. Capitalism always favors those who already have the capital and that is magnified in the U.S. right now with Citizens United. The folks with the capital have all of the power and as far as they are concerned everyone else can eat cake.

[-] 2 points by richardkentgates (3269) 11 years ago

..and so people like us stay on it. Glad to see so many that refuse to let this die. I will not go gentle into that good night.

[-] 3 points by beautifulworld (23771) 11 years ago

Me neither. I see too many people suffering for no reason.


[-] 1 points by rickMoss (435) 11 years ago

So Capitalism could never exist with out slave wages. But That's all over now. Technology is about to kill this country and capitalism for good. You can't out run or outwork technology. That's why the whole system is falling apart. That's why that can't fix the economy. That's why everything is falling apart. The jobs aren't coming back people. You're fighting the wrong fight and getting nowhere. Check out http://www.deathbytechnology.com and you'll see what I mean.

We can protest all we want but that won't fix the situation. Hell we can overthrow the government and we still won't fix the job situation. But that's a good thing. We have one way out of the mess. The nuclear option.


U.S. Citizens Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://revolution2.osixs.org )

Non U.S. Citizens Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( http://SaveTheWorldNow.osixs.org )

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 11 years ago

You have nothing to make any money from your project, your points are not based in fact but fear, you are not in line with any group or set of relevant issues. You either need to come down from your cloud or you're a cop trying to snag some crazies. Either way, stop posting on my threads. I'm not interested.

[-] 1 points by rickMoss (435) 11 years ago

Who are you kidding? I'm an engineer. It's my job to make things that make you obsolete. Don't be a fool when someone is trying to help you. I'm not here to make money friend. I'm here to educate people who are lost. They are like you. They think they know it all and seen it all but yet their world is going to shit and they don't have one clue of what to do except gossip. OsiXs has the best, no, they have the only plan of action. Everyone else is like you. Just talk. At least I stand for something and behind something that is real.

My points are based in fear. They are not my points. They are the findings of many scientists and engineers through their writings of real books friend. Have you written any books that pertain to the subject at hand?

Oh, and you better be in fear. Because you haven't seen anything yet. The technology that we have today is incredible. Stuff that I never thought I would see in my life time. I bet you're one of those guys that doubt global warming, climate change and even evolution by Darwin. Do you believe that the unemployment rate is 8.2. Try between 16 and 20 percent. Dude this stuff is all real and it's kicking you in the pants. That's why most of the young people all around the world are so pissed off. They can't get jobs. The crazy guy in Colorado had a college degree working at McDonalds. I would pissed off to after all that hard work. Of course he went overboard. Unemployment in Europe is just as bad if not worse. Especially in Spain and Greece.They just don't lie about it like we do. It's going to get much worse because technology is getting much better a whole lot faster. And unfortunately we're getting dumber and dumber. Foxconn announced that it was replacing half a million employees with robots over the next three years. Smoke that in your pipe. How would you feel if someone was automating you out of existence. Don't worry, you will get the feeling soon enough smart guy. The sad part is, you are too smart to know it.

Make no mistake about. It will take extraordinary measures to fix not just this country but our whole world. I will waste no more time on you. You will have to learn the hard way. Momma always said - "A hard head makes a soft ass". Ignorance + Arrogance is a bad combination. Good Luck! You're going to need it! Your ivory tower is falling and you won't let go of it.


OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 - The Smart Revolution!)

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 11 years ago

You're so awesome that you're pushing someone else's content, but I know nothing because I don't agree with you? LMAO. Stirring people up and pushing over-the-top solutions that you know will never get traction so you'll never have to back it up, is easy. In fact, the media and politicians do it every day.

The hard task that none of you "geniuses" are capable of is a prolonged and stubborn campaign. A campaign of changing minds and educating the public with easy to understand and very obtainable goals. The world is no stranger to extreme knee-jerk reactions and it's a large part of why we keep tripping over our own feet.

No, you are obviously not capable of the stamina filled, level headed approach that is key to bringing about the change that has been so illusive to human beings since the dawn of time.

So it's a good call on your part to not bother with me anymore.

[-] 0 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 11 years ago

Once the people decide they really want the living wage, they will get it. Until then, they will just whine.