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Forum Post: Historical Models of Civilization-Corruption, New language of Democracy, How Does Change Happen?

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 13, 2012, 1:16 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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You are describing a Model. Not so much a Philosophy. And you are drawing from what you understand is US History, European History, government-political systems, and the competition of man for money.

Just want to try to look at what you are saying and describe some other models.

1) Matrix the movie as a Model, distopian society, people living in an alternate reality - they don't understand the world at all really since they were not educated about the right template, people are used physically for their energy and maybe other things (I don't rember).
2) Anti-Tech, Off the Grid, Model should be looked at. If we simplify, get off the technology, move to a farm, ranch, isolated home, live simple, live on the cheap, avoid banking, avoid contracts, avoid monthly payments, etc. maybe we would be happier, more fullfilled, and smarter, less brainwashed.
3) Fight against the Machine Model, Protest, be an ativist, educate other people, help form community groups, try not transfer money to big corporations, speak to people about corporatism, fascism, and the corruption of money in all aspects of life.
4) Your model might be described as a model of a world that has gone global, become very complex and linked, there are many dangers of systemic rip offs and systemic failures that can destroy our lives, it is a distopian world, governments and corporations really can't protect us when they say they can, governments have limits to their ability to financialy itervene if we meet with disaster, political influence and ideology often can make a negative outcome for us when we depend so much on energy systems, food systems, consumer goods, clean water, gasoline, credit systems, banking systems, communication systems, technology, etc. Politics is clearly broken in this system.
5) People of different Background/Belief/Culture/Finance Wealth Model, is all about the fact or the fear that we really don't know what motivates people and we really don't know peoples history. Many people are wealthy and might have a big influence on our lives through decisions they make. We know there are very wealthy and influencial people in the world. We know there are wealthy corporations and corporations which have a lot of power for instance in mining and petro exploration.
6) Calitalism is Dangerous and Harms People, Corporations are bad, Money corrupts, Don't Trust governements, Don't Trust financial schemes.
7) Socialist Model (European Style)
8) Communist Model.
9) Feudalism, King and Serf (Slave).
10) Religious Caliphate or Religious Empire.
11) Tribalism.

These models and your post do have a relationship to religion and philosophy since these are studies/disciplines that help people understand their world.

Current Philosophical Questions:

A) Is Capitalism Bad.
B) Are Corporations Evil.
C) Is Man Bad or Evil.
D) Can political systems be fixed.
E) Can the Corruption of Money be controlled.
F) Can Personal Interest and Conflict of Interest be removed from Government.
G) Is it possible to teach something to a man that wants to live in the Wild West, cut social safety Nets like Social Security and Medicare.
H) Do Big Banks really profit off the Illigal Drug Trade.
I) What are all the secrets of the US Government.
J) Is asking for Democracy specific enough. Do we need more democracy phrases to become popular language to cover a range of democracy like:

-Safety Net Democracy,
-No Money in Government Democracy,
-No Corporations in Government Democracy,
-No Lobbyist Democracy,
-No Foreign War Democracy,
-No War of Agression Democracy,
-Fair Wage Democracy,
-GAAP Accounting Rules Democracy,
-Anti-Shadow Banking Democracy,
-Limited Financial Derivatives Democracy,
-Limited Money, Limited Finance Democracy,
-Cooperative Business Democracy,
-Help People Not Corporations Democracy,
-Alternative Energy Democracy,
-Limited Resources Democracy,

-All Men Are Equal, Limited Banking, No Lobby Dollars, Democracy.

-Limited Republic, Limited Banking, Limited Corporations, Limited Lobby, Social Education, Social Medicine, Democracy.


1) Change comes from Groundswells or Popular Social Movements.
2) Media is part of the Solution and part of the Problem.
3) The Idea of Individual and Human Rights will never go away. The idea is too big.
4) The biggest Risk seems to be Declining wages, Declining Benefits, and unavailable, weak Job Market. This seems to be what the real Battle is all about.
5) The big Questions are if Medical Care and Education will be affordable at all and for anyone in the Future.

The US, Europe, and the World are in an Education Period, Right Now... Even as Europe goes into Depression... What remains to be seen is how long it will take to move from dispair and education, to Political Action and Change.



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[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

What need is for people to be slapped upside the head and wtfu.

And I dont mean that lame ass video that the hollywood dude made.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Clearly I am a popular guy with charisma that people flock to.

I think I'm going to consider writing on what build the big cities in the world. What is the glue that brings people together or drives them to work so hard every day. Is it religion. Is it believing in your family, community, is it having cheerleaders in your life to encourage you to get up, dust yoursself off, get back at it....?

[-] 0 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Im not sure but it would be a very interesting piece.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

The Shadow Side of America or the US is the hidden, rejected, denigrated, pushed aside, ignored, etc. This would include social problems like alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, rape, murder, crime, fraud, etc.

There is also a Shadow Political side such as the KKK, neo-nazis, abortion clinic bombers, communists, socialist, Cuban sympathizers, Venezuelan sympathizers, Russian sympathizers, etc.

Much has been written about the phychological error of suppressing a shadow side of ourselves. Thomas Moore has a book for instance called "Care of the Soul". It seems we as a people lose part of our identity or mind when we repress truth, feelings, and history.

The US has a history of using fear of communism as a political tool. We had several period of our history called a Red Scare that resulted in Black Lists. I'm thinking McCarthy 1947-57. There was a real US threat In 1919 there was a bomb plot involving 36 bombs. Since these two scares it seems there is a fear of any kind of socialism or anyone who embraces socialism. The hysteria is real though as many people who were not communist were accused or put on a Black List.

The point here is that the US has "Blind Spots" in public awareness.

Truthfully you can not talk about the US in terms of Risk of Fascism or of the Advantages of Socialism. US Voters will never see themselves as part of a corporate fascist system, can't consider it, won't talk about it, you won't see it in the media, and sure as hell the government won't bring it up.

The same is true for Socialism. I don't know anything about social parties or the people that are involved. We live in a mixed economy which means we have social programs like medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance, social security, and social education programs for secondary schools. You can stretch this a little to say that all emergency services are social programs as well as highway construction, etc. If you join the Military in the USA, you get socialism medicine. Retirees from DOD continue to get socialized medicine. Congress gets socialized medicine.

Do you you what I mean?

We have socialism in the US, but most of us don't like socialist, don't want socialism (we say), and mostly we don't know what socialism is. But we have socialism already. We just reject any discussion about anything that doesn't say democracy. In fact we don't have democracy. We have a limited Republic.

So the shadow of the US is ...We don't have a democracy. We talk about democracy like it is the highest goal. We don't talk about being a limited republic. We don't talk about having social programs that resemble a Socialist Country. This has perverted our US Understanding of Who we are, How we live, and How we govern ourselves. It seems that we have been Brainwashed by Politicians who are telling us lies that they think "we want to hear".

What Else is Hidden in US Politics?
What other secrets do we have in the USA?
Ourself image as a nation is that of Religious Values, but we hide all human frailty like sexual preferences, sexual kinks, alcoholism, drug addiction, drug use, drug gangs, drug crime, US consumption of illegal drugs, US consumption of legal drugs wo a prescription, legal prescriptions that kill our elderly, people bancrupt from major medical events (scandalous), the Sky-Rocketing Cost of US Health Care, the high US Incarceration Rate, The poor contributions of people that were convicted of a marijuana possesion charge, and all manner of social Ills in the US.


[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Here are the names of New york's Third Parties running for President of the US. I guess they are purposefully simple and short. But this means you can't tell anything (or very little) about the party from the Name.

America's Party / American Independent Party:
American Third Party:
Constitution Party:
Green Party:
Justice Party:
Libertarian Party:
Objectivist Party:
Party Of Socialism & Liberation:
Peace & Freedom Party:
Prohibition Party:
Reform Party:
Socialist Party USA:
Socialist Equality Party:
Socialist Workers Party: