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Forum Post: Highest Court In Europe Rules ALL Airlines Flying Into Europe Must Pay For Their Carbon Emissions (here we go again with the global warming scam)

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 21, 2011, 6:15 a.m. EST by newjustice22 (49)
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[-] 0 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 12 years ago

The airlines, power plants, etc will never pay or comply. We will pay as all costs are always passed to us. Eventually this will lead to carbon taxes on gasoline purchased for your vehicle, and multiplied again with miles driven. Next will be electricity, base carbon tax multiplied by KWh used. Natural gas / fuel oil same thing, every thing will be taxed. Any food grown, is produced from fertilizer from oil, will be taxed. Anything made of plastic, and when nothing is left, you and I will be taxed for emitting carbon dioxide from our lungs...It will be disguised as some sort of public health tax mandate.

The bottom line, everyone that supports this is getting more than they asked for. We are about to enter the third world. We will freeze and die, starve and die, and be prisioner - no longer free to move around. The ones at top never pay the tax, it comes off a profit margin and the loss is passed as increase or inflation, to you and me. If they do comply those costs are passed down , either way WE LOSE, not the companies. Some will go under - more jobs lost. More pay cuts. No more benefits, just socialized healthcare. Many supporters of this do not see its implications. They will most certainly feel them. When you cannot afford to heat your homes and power your fancy gadgets, and have no food or are struggling - it is you that supported it not me. First castle has fallen... This will not reduce pollution, it will only result in paralysis to us all. Another nail in the coffin - RIP - FREEDOM - China cuts water off to villages that protest, etc ; Imagine having your heat turned off (gas/electric) and you will not be free to fly or drive in future. I want my independence , and things like this are robbing it from me. These people like riding the trains, and being grouped with the rest of the sheep. I am not for this. I want choice, not mandates shoved from our greedy ones at top who are only using as excuse to extract more wealth from us common folk. You were warned, and suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, all of you that support this - someday you will regret it.

Our government will pretend to oppose this , but later will use it as excuse to implement it here. Th EU is using this to help tax their way out of bankruptcy.. many people never understand, the US is about to do it with the power plants - you will see