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Forum Post: Higher Education Panders to Intellectual Savagery

Posted 9 years ago on July 18, 2012, 10:35 a.m. EST by ShowRealHist (60)
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Stocks and homes are assets priced in U.S. dollars. Their soundly shown price histories are inflation-adjusted (“real”). But such histories are seldom seen, because: Well apparent therein are our nation’s serial, massive MISpricings. “The public be suckered” is both (1) this track record, and (2) keeping it unseen.

See “Real Homes, Real Dow” here: http://www.showrealhist.com/RHandRD.html Obviously, these simple price histories are very instructive. Keeping them seldom seen by the people is intellectual savagery. Journalism panders to intellectual savagery. Higher education panders to intellectual savagery. Holders of elected office pander to intellectual savagery. The big con infests America. (The news media do know how – look below the second chart in the webpage cited above.)

The foregoing denounced the nonappearance of real asset price histories. The following opines re. the sequence of trouble.

  1. The main enabler of sizable asset price bubbles is keeping the real price histories out of sight.
  2. Bubbles break because they formed. “... like all bubbles, they burst at some point.” Martin Feldstein
  3. “The financial crisis that afflicts the country is largely a result of speculative bubbles, built on false hopes, in the housing and stock markets.” Robert Shiller, late 2008.

Making these very instructive, real asset price histories well apparent to the people is overwhelmingly justifiable. Their intellectual content is merely long division. The USA homeownership rate is about 2/3. The stock market invested rate is just above 1/2. The financial sector size is 1/12 of GDP (charts are affordable!)

In view of the preceding, the outcome reality of near-zero appearance of these histories does imply collusion rather than competition in America, and it is consistent with “education” as a four-letter word.

I am no attorney, so I offer this understanding of mine just as food for thought. Federal felonies include fraud, which includes false advertising, which includes deception by omission.



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