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Forum Post: Hey! Why The Masonic Fist???

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 8, 2011, 7:10 p.m. EST by chillax (18)
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Or is this occupywallst.org site another front to throw sand in people's eyes? The Fist is a worldwide known masonic gesture which was deeply rooted into soviet communism. Why use this sign for good deeds? PLEASE CHANGE IT! Come up with something original that can't be traced to evil roots! GET RID OF THE FIST! Or you are one of them??



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[-] 1 points by metapolitik (1110) 11 years ago

The fist is an international, universal symbol of people's uprisings against tyranny the world over.


Framing Revolutionary People's Ideas as totalitarianism is a very old tactic by those in power, just as saying that revolutionary ideas and symbol are part of "Secret Illuminati Plots" (or whatever) is a trick used by those in power to confuse people.

And while (some) people may react emotionally to something because it seemingly appears to them on a purely surface-level to be true. This really only demonstrates their ignorance, lack of education and mental laziness.

I'm sorry, but you have nothing to support the argument that 'The Fist' is a Masonic symbol. I certainly don't perceive it that way and neither does anyone else that I know.

The fist has been around for at least 100 years and has been used UNIVERSALLY in almost every explicitly non-violent, direct resistance action, by over over 100 expressly non-violent people's movements including:

  • The Feminist Movement

  • The Antiwar movement (hello!)

  • Various Labor Organizations

  • Otpor

  • The Arab Spring

  • The Socialist International

...And a whole long drawn-out list of others that is outside of the scope of this thread...


[-] 1 points by bleedingsoul (134) from Youngstown, OH 11 years ago

Really? Now it comes down to what symbol we should be using? So many distractions. Stay focused.

[-] 1 points by chillax (18) 11 years ago

gotta convey the right message, no? under what banner would you rather be? a false or a true one? ever hear the term "false flag operations"?

[-] 1 points by KnowledgeableFellow (471) 11 years ago

Masonic fist? There is no masonic fist. And besides, are you one of those masonic conspiracy guys? That's funny.

[-] 1 points by chillax (18) 11 years ago

the logo... ahh maybe I read too much... but you tell me what you think of this, go look at the link just below in reply to bobinatlanta... see all those presidents and men of power doing the same thing over and over? coincidence? u decide.

[-] 1 points by KnowledgeableFellow (471) 11 years ago

The Masonic conspiracies have been around, well, pretty much since the beginning of Masonry. The memberships were always "exclusive", meaning you had to be "accepted" into the lodge. As with many organizations, the current members desired new members to be more accomplished than the typical person. That leads the membership to be more affluent, more educated, more connected, and therefore more political. It is no wonder that, throughout history, many accomplished people were Masons. The pool of people from which the successful arose in life was both relatively small and the same pool from which Masons got their members. That is why there is such an overlap.

[-] 1 points by winklewankle (32) 11 years ago

The fist also represents our anger over all corporations and all kinds of issues.

[-] 1 points by gmoneygross (205) from Brooklyn, NY 11 years ago

Most ignorant statement I've ever heard. Corporations provide jobs you PHUCKING idiot.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

a peace symbol would be better fer sure. the fist has come to represent any peoples movement.

[-] 1 points by JCBallenger (15) 11 years ago

Well, whether it's masonic or not I dont see how a fist properly symbolizes this movement. Maybe something thats sybolizes peaceful unity for change.

[-] 1 points by JCBallenger (15) 11 years ago

To me the fist represents violence more than anger. When I see a fist I immediately think of punching which implies violence. Yes we are angry but is a violent mob the immediate message we want to send?

[-] 1 points by chillax (18) 11 years ago

indeed it may have nothing to do with it and just a coincidence and you make a great point :)


[-] 1 points by BobinAtlanta (1) 11 years ago


I have been a mason for over thirty years and have never heard of a "masonic fist". Can someone please enlighten me?????

[-] 1 points by chillax (18) 11 years ago

wait till you get to royal arch mason then the fun really starts... be weary.

[-] 1 points by kazoo55 (195) from Rijs, FR 11 years ago

I think the American flag would do nicely. Or is it copyrighted? :) I agree that the fist is a corny symbol, a cliché. Masonic, I don't know. We shouldn't be too paranoid. Someone has to come up with something more original than a fist, I agree.

[-] 1 points by HarryCrew07 (433) 11 years ago

I really hope its not copyrighted, that would make me sad...

[-] 1 points by Esposito (173) 11 years ago

How about a guy sitting on a couch eating potato chips watching TV?

[-] 1 points by thoreau42 (595) 11 years ago

Only if the couch is in a public park.

[-] 1 points by chillax (18) 11 years ago

much better already :) thank you

[-] 1 points by rjohns (45) 11 years ago
[-] 1 points by 3teadrinker (4) 11 years ago

You can use what ever symbols you like. At the end of the day everone can see the radicals behind the movement.

[-] 1 points by MuadDib (154) 11 years ago

Take some advice from your name. Now turn off the alex jones and read a book.

[-] 1 points by chillax (18) 11 years ago

but if we all just "read a book" then who's gonna go out there? By the way, the books say pretty much the same thing alex jones does :D Oleg Platonov? John Perkins? Texe Marrs? these people have lived to tell things most are too afraid to whisper.