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Forum Post: Hey NYC! how about the rest of us?

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 4, 2011, 12:26 p.m. EST by fairyface5 (4)
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How can the NY movement include the rest of us? There are citizens with great ideas who can not make it to NYC for the meetings . . .



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[-] 1 points by greatows (14) 12 years ago

NYC is only a very small part of our movement - ows is world wide- we have local chapters in hundreds of city s , world wide. see our resource page +++

+++++++++++++++++++++ activist page http://url2it.com/jsne

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

Your post and the comment by kickthemout reveal the truth. The UNELECTED facilitators of the NYCGA and this website will always tell you OWS/99% is a leaderlessleaderfull movement. And people will believe them.

NGA NOW all roads lead to Philadelphia July 4th 2012 https://sites.google.com/site/the99percentdeclaration/

[-] 1 points by fairyface5 (4) 12 years ago

Thank you! I didn't quite understand your post, but I've been trying to get in touch with the organization to put forth the idea of forming a continental-congress-like entity.

I am in new orleans and we have a small movement, but i see little communication between the cities. am I wrong?

No taxation without representation!

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

The NYCGA removed the working group on the 99% Declaration pages from their 'official' website, this site, over a month ago. They, a handful of unelected people, oligarchs, haven't endorsed the Declaration. They ignore a clear plan, they ignore the other 99% of the proteters/concerned citizens, and offer what in return? "MORE put your ass on the line, MORE freeze in a tent, MORE go to jail" gee thanks. And they have people believing that it's a leaderless/apolitical movement because NYCGA said so. WTF?

[-] 1 points by kickthemout (83) 12 years ago

Hi, you can get in tough with the NYC-OWS GA on how to organize people in your own Village,City or Town and move from there. There is time to learn on how to go by doing things to bring about changes in our society. As you know this a a national and global effort and is not just limited to NYC. But we must be united and not loose the focus because this is a long term uprising and we will not go back and be "obedient" to our politicians and just take. No, we're not going to take it anymore. Start by organizing as OWS Global Revolution members and follow what's going on here in NYC. If you need any help I'm sure you'll get it. Take care.

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

Join a local occupation or start one yourself.