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Forum Post: Here's How The Money Is Funneled And The 99% Are Getting Screwed

Posted 6 years ago on March 21, 2012, 11:11 p.m. EST by jewieboy (1)
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govt gets money from rich corporations rich corporations give money to dirty politicians in washington so they can make the rules in favor of the rich corporations what they do controls the stock market the things we need are inflated like gas food housing the profits go back to the corporations who give it to the govt what's Left?? Nothing By the time the business owners of retail and private business get the over priced goods they in turn raise the prices to the consumer they make a small tiny profit The consumer the 99% ends up paying through the nose and becomes a slave to the manipulated system There are no monies coming down the pike for the 99% It's just like money laundering The profits from real estate housing goods all go back to the govt and the Banks act as the middle men to keep the accts fresh without documentation So this is how the money in this country is Funneled and the well is Bone dry now I can't even afford a steak dinner and I'm working 2 jobs 6 days a week Go Figure And every one of you out there is in the same or worse predicament This is a crime against humanity



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (3898) 6 years ago

Just today I was thinking how I'd just like to buy a new pair of shoes for work mine are falling apart - but it's not in the budget this month - not sure if it will be even this year... I work full time and make a "decent wage" for my job title. Gas cost me more than a half a days wage to fill my tank this week (why do I work 5 days again oh yes to pay for the gas to get there) - I have only one meal a day to save on costs (it's the only place where I can cut back) The stress is wearing me out - I used to have nice skin for my age - I don't look the same anymore. At least I'm skinny. The link below explains why this is very good film with excellent solution idea. Tax land at 6 percent instead of paychecks or businesses.

Tax the wealthy is a sham - tax the land and end the global economic crisis forever!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you will agree after you see the video it proposes some real solutions we haven't heard before



Why won't Obama stop pulling a My Pet Goat and do something - I feel terrorized by corporations - they are terrorizing our freedom and democracy the man I elected has the pulpit of the presidency and has his hands in his pockets?????