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Forum Post: Help Save America: "Say No to Corporatism by following this guideline"

Posted 11 years ago on April 10, 2013, 6:05 p.m. EST by freewriterguy2 (3)
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Choose to hire the single small business man over a corporation! Check out this letter I sent to an unwelcome solicitor who tried to sell me additional products:

I have seen the lack of quality in (your company) in my home as everything installed at my home was installed by (your company) , from my water softener, air conditioner, and heater, and let me just say, If the owner doesn’t come out and install it himself (by himself), I’m not interested. (This is a nationwide problem I have noticed, even in my own business, and the reason why I no longer have employees. From now on if there is more than one employee in a company they no longer are qualified to do anything for me). (Even my new roofing membrane is leaking because “the employees” of that company didn’t think to screw down the screws before placing the new membrane over it and now I have leaks in my roof where the screws are sticking up thru. ) (noticed after the warranty of course) Besides, I believe in building up the bottom and not making the guy at the top richer, so no thanks.

Help Save America : “Say no to Corporatism and help build up the small business man so that everyone can live an abundant life, and not just some Elitist at the top!” Ultimately this makes for more money on the table for all of us!



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[-] -1 points by Stormcrow2 (-184) 11 years ago

Think maybe the problem is not with the owner of the company but the employees lack of concern about doing a quality job?

Todays standards by our society is very very low - there is no concern about quality - that speaks for itself when the vast majority of the younger generation live in a disposable society.

Quality is still important to the Boomer generation - not so with the X, Y and melinimum generation.

So how can you expect quality when it is not being taught or for that matter of any concern by the vast majority of todays society.

Walk into a home that is owned by a baby boomer and walk into a home that is owned by the younger generation.

Notice how the Boomer generation takes care of things they own and probably own things that are very old.

Notice how the younger generation doesn't give a damm about the things they own and what they do own is not that old and is eventually disposed of for something newer.

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy2 (3) 11 years ago

good point, now lets compare the boomers with the younger on another level. the boomers are selling their 30+ year old decrepit homes at the price of new ones to the younger generation at as high as 100 times the cost they paid for it in their 5-10 year mortgages, putting the younger in financial bondage to the older generation.

Meanwhile, while the younger person is out working two and 3 jobs (counting the mothers too) to pay these old greedy boomers, they don't have time to organize their homes or even teach the children righteous principles.

Now let's add to that: from my personal experience, I just bought a home for $155,000 and it said (all new roof) but it turned out there are 1000 holes in my 27 year old flat roof, and I'm getting tired of working on my home each night after each day's full time work and on weekends. Not to mention the extra cost that has to come out of thin air apparently.

Oh and lets not forget the money coming out of my checks to pay for these old boomers health care in the form of social security, and disability. really when you consider all these things, we have been robbed and plundered by the previous generations who I call landhogs. I could go on about how the homeless have no where to live even though their (and my) fathers fought for this land, but they have to spend what little money they make begging or working each year to pay the average of $720 in fines for trespassing on "other mens earth. (A true fact I can prove in writing). A recent example look in the news at the homeless living in underground tunnels, the government came and closed those tunnels and put them homeless again, (if government cant tax them underground tunnels, lets just put those families (with children mind you) on the street) The day of judgement will be a great day upon the leaders of this people, and I hope to get a front row seat.

[-] -1 points by Stormcrow2 (-184) 11 years ago

First off the housing market is at an all time low and no one is holding a gun to anyones head to force them to pay what they consider "homes at the price of new ones".

And where is it written that a "young person" should put themselves into debt up to their eyeballs? Accumulation of wealth happens over time - not instantaneously like a lot of the X and Y generation thought and as a result went bankrupt.

With regard to you home - did you get an "homeonwers inspection" before you purchased the house?

Seems to me you didn't for if you did you could have negociated the repairs -

With regard to "boomers health care in the form of Social Security and disability. If you naven't researched the Obama administration lifted the requirements for "disability" and as a result thousands of those belonging to the X and Y generation are collecting.

And you bitch because someone decided to finance their home for 10 or 15 years - which by the way is the smart way to go - I did it and lots of other pepole do.

So all I have to say is stop whining because you got screwed because of your bad deal and you want to blame others because of it.