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Forum Post: Have you heard of the organization called GOOOH (Get Out of Our House) ?

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 2, 2012, 12:01 p.m. EST by SparkyJP (1646) from Westminster, MD
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In an effort to spread the word about all options; I would like to introduce you to GOOOH.

GOOOH stands for 'Get Out of Our House' and is pronounced like the word 'go'. It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to place citizen representatives on the ballot in 2012, ideally in the primary against the incumbent, competing for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The members of each district will have an honest opportunity to replace the career politicians who have taken over OUR House and are destroying our nation. GOOOH is NOT a political party. It is a system that will allow you and your neighbors to choose, among yourselves, a candidate who will truly represent your district.

Get more info @ http://goooh.com/Home.aspx

Cheers !!



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[-] 2 points by johng101 (2) 12 years ago

You need a citizen leader to embrace change for this to work. No campaigning? Find Me when you need me Ronald Gascon

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by lkindr (58) 12 years ago

Here's another good video about how candidates are selected by the people via GOOOH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJgP5G3S7wM

[-] 1 points by lkindr (58) 12 years ago
  • I just heard about GOOOH via another source and it sounds like bona fide participatory democracy. Dennis Miller interviewed Tim Cox, the founder of GOOOH here: http://goooh.com/DennisMiller.aspx . Tim is a computer guy and he thought of a way to make choosing reps democratic and non-partisan. He said they have over 200,000 members already and when they get to 500,000 they'll ask for $100 donations to help people run for Rep. Their only issue is term limits of two terms per Rep. The Reps are chosen by how well they agree with local people's concerns. It looks like this is taking off in Texas and Florida and I hope it spreads fast, like to here in New Hampshire and everywhere. I'll see if I can get some folks together here to start a chapter, or whatever they call their local groups.
  • Now I found a video that shows a little bit of the democratic process that they use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEHA3oDHhdI
[-] 1 points by SparkyJP (1646) from Westminster, MD 12 years ago

I like the idea that anyone can run and not just the rich and elite. I also like that it's NON-PARTISAN. TPTB use the D & R labels to keep us divided and it works well. What I don't like about it is that it doesn't address the structural problems in government, like lobbyists and corporations buying congress. I believe 'The People' should have more input and control, in real time, over decisions our government makes ..... not just during elections. The plan at this site does just that:


That being said, GOOOH is an honest effort to change the system from within the system. If the system is corrupt however, they will have a hard "GOOOH" of it, but I do support their endeavors (even donated). Over the last few months, I have come to the conclusion that our problems are structural (and corruption is rampant) and more drastic measures are needed.

"There is an artificial aristocracy, founded on birth and privilege, without virtue or talents... The artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in government, and provisions should be made to prevent its ascendency."

          ~ Thomas Jefferson ~
[-] 2 points by Renneye (3874) 12 years ago

Great work SparkJP ! I would get behind this in a heartbeat. Thanks for the link !

[-] 1 points by SparkyJP (1646) from Westminster, MD 12 years ago

Thanx Renneye, Please spread the word and vote here (if you haven't already):


                                Cheers :)
[-] 1 points by lkindr (58) 12 years ago
  • osixs says "For the most part, conservatism is about holding on to dreams of the past and power."
  • That's untrue. What Conservatism means is wanting to conserve traditions that ensure Freedom and Prosperity. Likewise, what Liberalism means is wanting to be liberated from Enslavement and Poverty. So they mean practically the same thing.