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Forum Post: Have We Been Snowed??

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 12, 2013, 3:15 a.m. EST by boscosmom (-12)
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Have any of you had some questions about the whole Snowden thing? Kinda wondered how he pulled off the data dump and escape?

If this really was a .gov scam, it has left me wondering "to what purpose"?

Sibel Emonds has a thought provoking post today on her Boiling Frogs blog discussing this very subject.

Here is her closing. I recommend reading the entire article, BTW, she considers Glenn Greenwald to be the "checkbook opportunist"..

Please do not get me wrong here. I have no questions but answers when it comes to the checkbook opportunist in question. I have known about him for years, long before this NSA episode. What I don’t have is an answer when it comes to the NSA whistleblower in question. I have been sitting on the fence on this one. Unlike my own whistleblower members, I do not know this guy. I don’t. I have never corresponded with him, and he has never reached out to me or my organization. I keep going from silently cheering and supporting him, to doubting what he is all about. I have never seen a case like this. I don’t think anyone has. However, in light of the case of our checkbook journalist, Mainstream Publishers’ mega million book deals, Mainstream Hollywood’s mega studio deals, Mainstream Media backing and showcasing, and Mega Corporation’s mega millions getting involved … and in all this, zero retaliation or interference from our mega government known for being ruthless on whistleblowers, I just don’t get this case.

My experienced gut says something is awfully rotten in the state of … this NSA whistleblower-Checkbook Opportunist Drama Set. I get half of the rotten state, but am still wondering about the other half.



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