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Forum Post: Has Your Mortgage Been Sold to Green Tree LLC., due to Bankruptcy of your Mortgage Holder, Terrible

Posted 7 years ago on March 15, 2013, 8:52 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Has Your Mortgage Been Sold to Green Tree LLC., due to Bankruptcy of your Mortgage Holder, Terrible Service Company, they are a mortgage servicing company, and a debt servicing company. So they are really just a debt servicer.

But ... it is not the fault of US Home owners. This is a predatory Corporation that get some mortagages because they have low value.

So the common man with a low mortage is subject to crazy debt collection techniques .... all because his house mortage is low value.


What is next.

1) Kick the elderly out into the street? 2) Kick the people on Social Assistance out into the street?
3) Use store discount cards to identify people who buy discount goods to shrink their credit and reduce their credit rating?
4) Use internet Tracking to identify people with unhealthy shopping habits.
5) Use Credit Records to identify uneducated consumers and mortagage holders ... so that more pressure and harder terms can be applied to these home owners and consumers. (Like Green Tree LLC Debt Collector, Mortgage Servicer)



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[-] 3 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

Hi MA, did more problems arise with this company? I hope not.

Yes, our shopping habits are being monitored. Everything you mentioned is already in place and being done and has been for a number of years. Nothing is private or sacred anymore. The greedy animals are salivating, watching our every move and waiting to consume everything you believe you own. They will kick you when your down and continue to do so. Rising above the flames is not a realistic dream in American anymore. As desperate and tired as everyone may be, upon receiving just a tiny crumb or a flicker of relief, our hope is restored time and time again and we learn to settle just to survive.

Anyone who uses facebook is a mighty fool. We are all being deliberately driven to expose ourselves for the benefit of those who are driven to profit from us. Facebook tells a lot about what people eat, their lifestyles, their health, personal assets, their family members and their assets. Debt collectors will go after your neighbors, your family members, friends, etc.. to collect. Oh my gosh, it was a brilliantly mastered manipulation that almost everyone fell for it..hook, line and sinker!

Doctors and veterinarians are gathering all sorts of info about you via google and facebook. Assets, property values, type of neighborhood, etc.. all tell a story to them about how much to charge, how to treat, etc.. and sadly, it's not the less fortunate that get the better treatment and lower prices.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Thanx. Clearly, this company is running like a Bueacracy.

The big thing is ... it looks like the bankers are setting us up to take over all our Social Security and Medicare. They want to Privitize our social benefits and retirement systems. No doubt they want to create the money flow to increase their own Executive Compensation.

The Talk about "Third Way" makes me think of Greece, italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, France, and the UK.

The USA is not quiet Taken over yet. They have to get our houses, get our pensions, SS, Medicare, and start chain gangs again like in SC today on the news ,... Chain Gangs work as a Profit Center like Slave Labor.

[-] 3 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

This is so depressing M. We need to get out of here!!!

Chain gangs..aka ' Neo-Slavery'..... After emancipation, industrialists replaced slaves with convicts. In collusion with state and federal government, they managed to purchase convicts for cheap prices. Convicts were a much greater source of profit for them vs. other labor. In order to achieve this, they arrested blacks for the most petty crimes imaginable. Standing on the corner, talking too loud, etc... Chain gains abounded and so did postbellum profits

Indefinite detention= convicts= slave labor = big profits for government and big corps ( especially since prisons are being privatized now). Once again there is that ' revolving door'.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Yes, and they have a new device for prisoners to get them off the chains... they put a belt on them or something, not sure if it shocks them or tracks them like GPS. I image the security industry has invented an improvement on the Ankle Tracker.

Wow, blacks were so abused and oppressed. You can't help feeling compassion or sorrow. I guess there is a kind of De'tente. TPTB never really take responsibility. That is why James Loewen says we have an ethocentric history, a biased history. Government and Police are sort of seen as nice guys throughout history ... who only go to war to advance good prinicpals like democracy, freedom, and progress.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9tente (De'tene, easing of strained relations, especially in a political situation.)

Things are better for Blacks in the USA, but then I don't know so much about the South or our Prisons. It still seems the Drug laws and Drug Enforcment in certain neiborhoods destroys young black men's lives by sending them to jail with life time records.

If we advance Principals in our Society and Government ... we have to take the profit motive out of Prison Work, Prison Labor.

And we have to advance ideas of government action to correct inbalances created by capitalism, business, and corporations.

[-] 6 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

If you're not born a WASP in this country, then at some time, you or your ancestors suffered the plight of discrimination and or oppression. We've been at war with each other since day one.

Yesterday I was remembering how much freedom I had as a kid and young adult compared to people today. Imagine being able to skip your 7th period for an entire year and no one notices. Imagine being able to get into a disco under age, imagine driving around without a license or driving your father's lawn mower into town for a pack of cigarettes. Imagine being able to hitch a ride on a country road with only a slight concern that you'd be assaulted or kidnapped and end up meeting your best friend of 20 plus years. Imagine meeting someone at the grocery who admired your spunk and hired you on the spot to start working at their business the next day. Imagine just pulling off the road onto someone's property to enjoy the view without ADT contacting the party buster squad. We had so much freedom, so much joy and fun and laughter. People seemed so relaxed and human and we valued each other face to face. We trusted each other. Now, it seems that everyone at the reunion is texting or hawking Facebook. Why bother attending? Married couples sit on the same couch and text each other instead of conversing. That's just downright weird and icky if you ask me. Anyway, our current human interaction or lack of, is a symptom of severe oppression.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Yes, maybe the land wasn't as owned as it is today. Now government land and private land is watched over more. Some country folks see unknown cars and wonder if they are burglars or kidnappers. Hunters and Fishers drive around, but they go to the normal parking places. If you live near hunting parks, state parks, or national forests ... maybe you get fear about the strangers and the gun shots and bullets that may hit your house. Maybe you have kids that go down to the forest and try to figure out of hunters drive in during the day to keep track of your kids.

Most of the US that we see these days in owned and fenced in. There are wild places, but you can't access the lands and if you do you might feel safer if many people are walking around the area.

Seems like a fantasy of paradise or Sugar Mountain.... or well maybe that was before SSRI, Anti-Depressant, ADHD drugs were given to kids. Maybe we just have so many people all driving all over, hiking all over, building all over, Real Estate Developments all over, New housing Starts mean more people, more roads, more sprawl.

Europe used to be like that too. Hitch hiking across Europe. Europe has changed a lot. Nato's Strategy of Tension to get support for the Right by staging events to blame on the Left. Imigration to Europe could be called crowding ... not sure if it was to lower wages, bring in low wage workers, or to increase families to consumer more goods and stimulate the economy... War has changed Europe too. The American Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan causes real stress in Europe.

And in the USA more Stress with debate about TSA, Airports, Searches, war in the news, news about veterans, news about torture, news about deaths of Americans, DHS, News about loss of Rights, OWS, Financial Crisis on top of Financial Fraud, Polarization of the Left and the Right, Propaganda that confuses people on the Left who are really war mongers....

Simplier times. Simplier places ... Escape from politics ... Scandanavia ... South America? Liberal countries?

[-] 0 points by eteller (-132) 7 years ago

the so called wasps emigrated to this country. and even with the "wasps"..............................some came as indentured servants.

[-] 1 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

Oh yes, you're very correct. I should have stated my thoughts more clearly.

[-] 0 points by Builder (4202) 7 years ago

It's also a fear-based reaction, for mine.

The players want us to fear eachother, and they actively feed our fears.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

Fear of each other? Fear of commitment? What is it that people really fear?

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Fear is a political device to control populations. The list of fears is unlimited ... and we can even fear our food to an unhealthy point.

1) Strategy of Tension, is military strategy to falsely accuse the left for crimes and terrorism ... in order to strengthen the right, the public perception of the right, draw votes to the right, ... while setting up communism, socialism, humanism, activism as being bad.

2) The Movement to Ban Guns, Like the Iraq war and Afghan war our government and TPTB only track certain data. They only give you one side. The danger from guns comes from drug gangs today. In the past the danger could have been mafia or prohibition moonshiners ... Economics is actually at the heart of gun violence. We are oppressing our young black men ... and seems we keep them from getting jobs skills and keep them from higher education. There is no reformation after a drug conviction. My point is the people that buy guns legally are not the problem ... and that most of the killing is done brother to brother... mostly for turf or money ... and then we find domestic violence or suicide ... all of which has little to do with legal purchases of guns ...
3) Fear of Terrorist, we didn't have a systemic problem with terrorist untill we started teh war on Terrorism in the USA. We knew about Terrorism in Munich, we knew that the first modern terrorist after WWII were the Isrealis who needed a country, were trained by the British, and who secured the Country of Isreal. But Airplane Highjacking was not a serious threat even though we trained our police for it. Actually like "Die Hard" the movie.
4) US Military Expansion and Bombing and Drone Strikes and world wars has increased Terrorist Recruiting. That is true, but it is a result of the BS war on Terror.
5) FBI sets up idiots in sting operations each year to justify budgets and provide proof to justify DHS budgets. But military and terrorist training is provided only by the USA Government, UK Government, and maybe the French and other European Government. Terrorism is hard and technical. It is kind of a European Invention in the West. In Asia, Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, Thainland, Philippines, ... maybe the history is more complicated. But the US Military Teaches Military Skills and Torture to all our allies... as far as I know.
6) There is plenty of reason to believe the US is either stupid in guarding our borders and ports ... or it has always had strategies and plans that depended on some fear and disinformation about threats. but not about illegal immigration and open borders and immigrant farm labor workers.... Out borders are open and ....
7) Without 9-11 and it's huge scope ... there is no fear of terror and no proof of terror threat. 9-11 is an "Outlier" and "anomolie". And we have reason to doubt all major US Assassinations, MLK Assassination, and the Okalhoma City Bombing... There are all Anomolies. But so are all Political Ruses. SO are all False Flag Attacks. So are all attacks conducted by NATO in Euope and today in Turkey by NATO forces ... to maintain a strategy of tension, to promote the feeling of war ... to draw voters to the Right to support Right Wing Politics ... by Blaming the Left Wing for Terrorism or Attacks. Today we blame Ismamist Extremist... a new enemy ... just like "1984".

[-] 0 points by Builder (4202) 7 years ago

Fear of terrorists, (used to be reds under the bed) fear of illness, fear of loss, fear of pandemics (they told us the H5N1 virus has been mutated intentionally), fear of hunger, and now, we are in fear of our leaders, and their ignoring of basic human rights such as habeas corpus. If you find yourself on the Kill List, you're dead.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

I watched two interesting movies this weekend- both addressing fear. One was " Life of Pi" and the other one, " Beasts of the Southern Wild". Life of Pi novel is much more enlightening than the movie.

Fear...what is it really? Why does it exist? Why are we not drawn to each other more intimately during stressful times instead of turning against one another? You left out one of the most important fears perpetrated by man.....fear of dying and going to hell.

I've noticed lately that I keep hearing variations of ' ...watching my back". I hear people saying , I wish you had my back, I need you to have my back, thank goodness he/she had my back. I hear this phrase probably ten times a day at least. Is everyone feeling disconnected and alone despite their hundreds of Facebook friends, blogs and almost constant texting? Quantity really doesn't satisfy us in the same way that quality does in human relationships and also in material things.

[-] 3 points by Builder (4202) 7 years ago

I left that fear out because I've lost it. None of us are getting out of here alive.

When I learned that the "women's movement" was a social experiment started by a bored oligarch, I started wondering about their other experiments with our nature/culture/mindsets.

They might be actively involved in the emasculation process, the breaking up of the traditional family unit, and the disenfranchisement of established religion.

The devil really does make work for idle hands.

We have our leaders extolling Christian values, while selling their souls to the devil himself. Our existence relies upon a wasteful greed, at the expense of the poor people of other countries. We pretend we are on the side of the just, while bombing developed nations back into the stone age on a premise of protracted lies, and when the truth comes out, still maintaining that the country is somehow "better off" now that they have a chance to rebuild, after getting rid of a tyrant that we helped into power.

I don't for a minute doubt the why, when it comes to wondering why other nations have developed a healthy hatred for the west. We are collectively hypocrisy personnified.

I (and others here) could step aside and state that I never supported any of the invasions, but I would be hypocritical simply because I'm enjoying the spoils of the system that created those lies; that basically lives a lie. There is nothing Christian about us. In name only, not in deeds.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

I found your observation about the emasculation of our society very intriguing because I've been noticing this for many years and believe that it has contributed greatly to the dysfunctional chaos that has made us vulnerable to corruption. I still remember a time when men and women were distinctly different and had very distinct roles and while those roles may have been a bit too stifling in some regards, they were also naturally suited in many ways to our success and happiness. The feminists that started the 'movement' were women who only represented the elite class in our nation. Most of them had graduate degrees and resented the fact that they could not put them to use outside the home. I totally get that. However, they represented a very small slice of American women at that time. They had no clue what is what like for an uneducated woman in the south to suddenly be expected to work outside the home. These feminists were also very bitter and ugly toward any women who wanted to be housewives and mothers. They didn't take into account that putting so many women into the workforce would give corporations a way to justify lower pay for both men and women in the long term and ultimately hurt us all.

Other than being able to work outside the home, have women evolved? We cast stones on other countries where women are ' oppressed' but the reality is that both men AND women objectify women in our society. It's so much worse today than it was in my youth. Our entire culture ( corp culture as well) is based on appealing to and nurturing our sexual desires.

The fear of dying is very common in cultures that focus more on material wealth rather than spirituality and living a more spiritual life. If we look outside of ourselves for validation, we will never feel whole, never feel worthy, never achieve true happiness and even worse, we very vulnerable to those who want to use us to suit their own agenda. Evil takes the path of least resistance. It doesn't matter what religion anyone is or if they believe in G-d . Anytime people look to others or material things to validate their self worth, they will never achieve that sense of fulfillment in life and therefore fear death and the unknown.

The other night I was performing music with a group of 40 or so musicians and I began thinking about how music today has become so homogenized that there is nothing that stands out as exceptional. I play traditional music ( 16-20th century ballads) but for some reason began thinking about Zappa that night. Where have all the Zappas gone? We've killed them! We have literally killed the Mozarts of our future with psychotropic drugs and a culture that focuses too much on artificial intelligence and phony everything.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

We have our leaders extolling Christian values, while selling their souls to the devil himself.

As always - actions speak truth - not words.

[-] 0 points by eteller (-132) 7 years ago

Try watching "Gifted Hands".

[-] -1 points by vaprosvyeh (-400) 7 years ago

One of the key aspects of Christianity is in being able to see and love individuals for who and what they are, rather than trusting in the labels assigned to them by someone else, and condemning or admiring, them based upon such labels.

We don't condemn love and wisdom simply based on people who claim to be both loving and wise and yet their behavior is anything but. Condemning religion or piety or America or goodness simply because some people claim the titles but behave otherwise is just as stupid in my opinion.

[-] 1 points by vaprosvyeh (-400) 7 years ago

My experience is that many people do draw together during stressful times, do watch out for each other, do connect in real time and not just electronically. Granted that I know people like the ones you describe, but that doesn't define all of, or even most of, the people I know.

Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown/unfamiliar, to suspected evil, or harm, or danger. It's a primal response designed to keep us alive. We're born with it. The more I've learned and the more I take control of my life, the less fear I experience.

(tried to edit/move under Gillian where it belongs...won't move)

[-] 1 points by Gillian (1842) 7 years ago

Hi V. I enjoy reading your thoughts. The fear we experience today is not exactly primal and it's one of the reasons why we suffer so much chronic anxiety, adrenal fatigue, depression, diabetes, cancer, etc.. The fear we experience today doesn't result from visible, tangible or known threats and is more deeply ingrained, chronic and manifests as constant stress- the number one killer. We are not living like our ancestors who had to fend off starvation, bad weather, disease, wild animals or other intruders trying to invade their homes. Humans have always struggled to survive but today's struggles are not so well defined and acute. Our human physiology is not designed to withstand the chronic and epidemic stress/fear that we endure today. There is no well-adapted and healthy fight or flight response to our threats which negatively affects our overall wellness.

In a day's work, I am always in a state of consciousness where I try to reap the joy in every moment because I know that ' this' is the best of the worst that could be but, this becomes more challenging for me as I have aged because of the many ways that our culture has evolved. I seem to feel in constant competition with smart phones, tablets, tv's, etc.. If I'm talking to someone in a bookstore, it's difficult to even have a conversation due to the almost constant interruptions of text messages and such. I'm still of the old school where people come first, no matter what. There's no denying that the vast majority of Americans today are hinged to electronic devices in lieu of nurturing human relationships in real time and many have never known anything different ( the young people) which concerns me deeply. Apparently, young people are so ' anti-social' now that they are not able to have relationships. I heard something about classes or programs being developed to teach young people how to date and prepare for marriage and raising a family. Gee, that sounds really weird and SO unnatural.

PS...I believe that if you want to move a post, you must copy it, delete the original post and then respond in the appropriate place by pasting it. Did you try that?

[-] -1 points by vaprosvyeh (-400) 7 years ago

G- I did try that. It just posted it again right under my other response. Was most likely a glitch.

I don't think we are as far removed from our ancestors as you do. All the studies I've read seem to conclude that early humans lived life spans roughly half as long as ours. 45 ish was about as old as most of them made it, so I'd argue that our human physiology is withstanding our current anxieties reasonably well. In fact, recent examination of mummies even concluded that they even suffered from clogged arteries. I guess I'm just saying that as humans we adapt and acclimate to our circumstances and what we call depression used to be called melancholy, what we call tuberculosis used to be called consumption. We have different names for "what ails us", but things "ailed" people in the past too. We just know more about what causes them than they did.

I've lived in the mountain west most of my life. My children like electronics as much as the next person. But we've limited their access to them (no one gets a cell phone in this house until they are 16 and in high school which requires coordinating car rides etc) and they all have plenty of friends and are very social. My daughters dated a LOT and babysat and are married to wonderful men. My sons are rarely home because they are involved in sports and working and hanging out with friends. We've taught them all personal finance and responsibility and they make their own phone AND car payments or they don't get them. (and they must maintain at least a C average grade-wise or both are taken from them.)

If you find your joy in conversing with others, then you need to find a time and place and people who understand that need or have it themselves. Other people might not find their joy in the same thing, and you being disappointed (feeling in constant competition) is only a natural response to your personal expectations from them. I believe that people reap joy wherever they choose to, and that it's up to me to find joy, not others to give it to me. If that makes sense....

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

We have lost Property Rights:

1) Eminent Domain is an old theme
2) Mortgage Servicers are Sub-Prime Villains we know about.
3) Conspiracy came out that we are "Tenants" on mortgage contract, the theory states that an old kind of law written for Ship Captains, Admiralty Law, is the Law of the USA & England.
4) But Obviously the Bank does own your Mortgage since you can't skip payments.
5) Your Mortgage is a contract with interest allowing you tenancy, but you will end up paying double the price of the home "Sale Price", you are stuck with responsibility and payments.
6) Today my prime mortgage has been sold to a Servicer, which states it is a "Debt Collector".
7) In Debt Collection I lose Rights of Privacy and Dignity. The young debt collectors seem to feel they have "Authority" over me. But I am a full US Citizen, I don't owe any money or payments to anyone other than my mortgage which was paid ahead by a couple of years.

Here are my Problems:

1) Americans have surrendered education, history of the USA, history of US Individual Rights, to business Interests, business insiders, and all Washington DC Politicians.
2) We run the Government as Citizens. We give incorporation to Businesses with little restrictions. We give US banks the authority to create money as loans based on Deposits and Assets Held. We the people have a form of government which was called a Democracy, Self Government.... the model is set up as a limited Republic or Limited democracy though.

We have given up Way To Much Authority to Contracts, Financial Schemes, Convenience of Instant satisfaction, ... and to a Huge Powerful Government that has become an Global Empire since 1945.

Our Home Prices go up on financial Bubbles that Benefit the TBTF Banks, but it doesn't make sense any longer to pay high home prices, $50,000 Dollars in Interest over the life of the Loan, and Surrender to "Debt Collectors" who pretend to have Authority Over US

But it is not just debt collectors & Banks that think they have Authority over us.

We like to be nice, but we have forgotten some of our Dignity & Rights. Maybe it is just me, but this country has been taken over by Career people in Business & Government who abuse us. And it is all in the Interest of Big Business, US Economics, and Career Politicians

I am offended by my Government, by Baseless War, by our Government's Violations of the Sovereignty of Foreign Countries, by our Covert Regime Change operations by the CIA, by the destruction of Families in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Nicaragua, and even Vietnam.**

And I am Offended at US Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, the USE of Mortgage Servicers in Fraudulent US Home Foreclosures, at the RICO Conspiracies that permit TBTF banks to Exist and Sanction the Crimes through DOJ Waivers of Prosecution, President Obama protection of TBTF Bankers, Bankers all through our Federal Government, ... and the use of Debt Collectors to Service my Mortgage.

This US Federal Government is Hurting not only foreign people, but also US Citizens.....

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

The worst fears are Social, of Course.

1) Get people to turn themselves or neibors over to police or authority figures ... you lose Sovereignty, ... and Self Determination.


2) Name Calling, Denigration, Destroying Reputations, .... 3) Claiming the whole Truth, Claiming the only Truth, Claiming the Final Truth, Claiming Ownership over the One Truth .... this is all Retoric. This is only Politics.
4) Claiming all science is now known, ... that we all know what science says ....
5) Claiming Protesters are dumb and have no agenda.
6) Claiming US Markets are Free except for government Regulations (actually it is the structure that makes them work and keeps Fraud reduced).
7) Claiming the US is a Democracy under threat from the Left.
8) Automating the Police Records and Nationalizing them... Which has now become International. So records of suspicion or compaint are now International ... available in every port around the world.
9) So your home habits can become an International Record.
10) Accusations in the USA are available for International Travel Agents in all countries today, they are documented.
11) Probably you will be known by consumer habits.
12) You will be known by Meications that you take where every you travel.
13) Could be that any Therapy you receive with be part of your international record as you process through ports....
14) Tour Operators will have access today to your records as decided by the US Government, Interpol, and other governments.
15) Ticket sellors in Airport, Tour Operators, Hotels, already have access to secret information or personal information or consumer information about you.... You are a comodity or an object or a prisoner to be managed ... you have been dehumanized

[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 7 years ago

Green Tree is bunch of jerks, that got their cred with the BIG guys for their expertize at servicing manufactured housing contracts.

If they are haranguing you, threaten to take them to court for it.

[-] 3 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Just read an article where bankers like Jack Lew all spent time with NYU. Strange Link that fills in a final piece of the puzzle.


Clearly there is incentive to keep ones job in the Media by not rocking the boat. And clearly big banks, TBTF, Wall Street Executives want a piece of all the money and action in the USA ... expecially the Public Functions which haven't been spoken for yet.

The Third Way is a collection of Finance managers and proponents that want to privatize Social Security and Medicare ... and probably the Post Office. They got tons of buisness through George W. Bush's wars and the DOD... And you can see that the Iraq wars is over and the DOD spending is still over double of what it was when Bush Declared war.

Defense Vendor Direct Payments are 3 times as high as when Clinton was President.

It is a Corporate Take over of Europe and the USA. What did people expect when then put all that money on the table to be reorganized and divied-up.

[-] 3 points by shoozTroll (17632) 7 years ago

Welcome to the Ayn Rand Planet.

Ain't it sick?

Here's the guys working hardest to make it so.


Don't be fooled by those who would minimize what they have done, nor what they are currently doing.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

Wow, I didn't see this. I believe the FTC was set up by law to deal wtih consumer Fraud and Anti-Trust Law. Teddy Rooselvte took it upon him self to go after the Banking Trust or Oil Trust. Later on it become claer that an agency was needed to implement the Law. Some presidents didn't want to after the monopolies, most didn't. Monopolies and Oligopolies were too Political.

We sure haven't seen anything from the FTC since the breakup of Bell Telephone. Now you hear propaganda that well ... it didn't work they still have the monopoly. Or you might hear ... times have changed there are many niches, different technology, lots of competiton within broad businesses.

And I think the FTC will tell you they don't deal with banks at all or Financial Industry.

So the Question is who is responsible for Monoloplies, Oligopolies, Banking Trust, Anti-Trust law in Big Oil and in Big TBTF Banks ... It seems to be SEC. Unless I'm wrong.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 7 years ago

Next time you talk to GreenTree, ask for Ana.

You will have the most frustrating conversation of your life.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 7 years ago

I talked to Dana, she acts like well all she does is answer the phone... she wouldn't have any information. I guess they just want you to pay off the whole mortgage... But anyway she sounded normal.