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Forum Post: Ha'aretz: Iran Pays Egyptians to Blow up Israeli Ship

Posted 6 years ago on March 25, 2012, 1:03 a.m. EST by PlasmaStorm (242)
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The Ha'aretz newspaper is out with the latest Iranian plot tonight. Iranian agents offered three Egyptians about 50 million Egyptian pounds to blow up an Israeli ship in the Suez Canal (and by the way, it's Egypt's government saying this). Prior to that:

Iran tried to conspire with drug cartels to murder the Israeli and Saudi Arabian ambassadors in Washington DC, remember?

Smuggling weapons into Iraq to murder US soldiers

CBS News says 13 people with known connections to Iran's government have been interviewed by NYC authorities after taking pictures of NYC landmarks over the past decade.

Now, trying to bomb an Israeli ship in the Suez Canal

And they have a nuclear program, gee I wonder why. Nobody really wants war with Iran but I definitely don't want them having a shiny red button. I feel OWS have lost sight of the fact that Iran has committed one act of war after another for years.

Oh, here's the story:




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[-] 1 points by PlasmaStorm (242) 6 years ago

Does any protester here want to protest the fact that Iran would pay 50 million pounds these Egyptian guys to try to blow up an Israeli ship in the Suez canal?

Anybody want to protest Iran conspiring with drug cartels to murder the Saudi and Israeli ambassadors? Anybody want to protest Ahmadidejad providing security details for the drug cartels in Central America?

How about Iraq? Anyone want to protest the fact that Iran would smuggle in weapons for militants to use against our own soldiers? Anybody?

Not to mention all of the pain and apprehension they have caused to the Israeli people.