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Forum Post: Guardian article suggests federal involvement in evictions

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 28, 2011, 2:37 p.m. EST by 5HYDROXYTRYPTAMINE (6) from Beloit, WI
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What this author claims is purely speculation at this point, but I think this article is relevant for us to talk about.

How will occupy deal with coordinated, violent suppression coming directly from Washington? How will we continue to grow as our growth sparks more and more aggressive maneuvers from the state that escalate the violence of the situation beyond our control?

Will crying out into the night through another batch of brutality videos on the internet be enough? Will it be enough if some civil disobedience protestors get killed?

People don't make decisions rationally. We can all ignore OWS and sit in our homes comfortably, and nothing will change. No matter what we see on the internet. It's not our problem (speaking as an average american here).

Anyway I am worried about a storm of repression that discourages more occupiers than it recruits through videos on the internet.

OWS is up against quite a beast. Turn on the hacks? A rootkit botnet with millions of infected machines, the mega e-death-lazer? some massive coordination effort with millions of people in the streets? blackouts on mainstream media? wikiwikivictory?

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