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Forum Post: Grueling Volition

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 29, 2014, 2:52 p.m. EST by bullfrogma (448)
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If art is how much love you put into something, it's a power that can be used for good or evil. So love can be evil. But language is not an exact science. It's poetry.


Better to be feared than loved... Nonsense. This idea that love can lose its appreciation, like happiness having no context without sadness, forgets that reality is astronomical, unlike absolutes. A foundation based on love is not without the pain of existence.

Fear is dealing directly with appreciation by imposing it, but this undesired relationship is less worthwhile. Art is how much love you put into something, and that is what fear is lacking. Such is effort with great reward; love is more difficult than fear. Such is the involuntariness of evil, the easy way out. Without this ability to think beyond ourselves we are effortless, blind, and slave to a weakness. It takes more effort to accomplish that which is good because the universe is objective.

Peace will defeat violence because learning has value and war is a childish tantrum.

Unconditional love is an understanding of the universe without reason to be jealous.

What is progress exactly, when a mild community has everything? We don't need to create more jobs for the sake of creating jobs. We need less damage. There's nothing wrong with slowing down, especially since we are stuck on overdrive in a mode that is producing corrupted garbage. Overfilled by this, we have no capacity to comprehend all we have lost. Magic, a profound understanding, so much of the universe is gone from our experience. We have been programmed by the products of our own artificial mindlessness.

Survival of the fittest no longer applies to being human. Money has changed the game, and the idea of money being energy is horrifying. It's energy that we invented. It's artificial, worse than GMO McDonald's. People who don't deserve it are allowed to have power over other people. It's the entire reason our most egotistical tendencies have completely dominated all of humanity.

You need money to make money, disregarding reality. Not even the strongest or the most intelligent survive, but a weakness of willpower putting horde over everything without restraint, seeking to control the world as only that psychology would see fit, seeking to make an opportunity impossible for anything else.

The natural world is based on independent things which find coexistence, but capitalism inescapably amounts to a homogeneous monopoly. There is nothing efficient about this, for example mass distribution, and despite what our bigoted ego would have, genuine variety is the most tactical advantage. There must be some kind of trickle-up theory to make the best of people, contributable to the greater good.

The greatest treasure is other people, and so is life that is based on life.

It's even hard just to talk about population control. Limiting birth would take a great effort being difficult for people to agree on, but keeping our numbers down by promoting death is haphazard. Nobody can judge these things we don't know, such as the experiment invested into every person. If for no moral reason, promoted death is an inefficient waste of experience, and controlling birth has twice the genetic advantage given a system of application. There's no good reason to base population on death; it's only solving this problem the easiest way.

There's another aspect of strong versus weak, that we have the willpower to do the right thing despite our animal desire, such as fighting addiction, to put mind over matter. We have taken over the world, taken over ourselves, and taken it too far, but we have the opportunity to be conscious, challenged now to put truth and logic before the automatic process that keeps us impounded, while doom is creeping up all around.

Everyone says the world will recover, but that's no guarantee we will. Anyone satisfied with destroying a future of people is purely selfish. It's a crime against humanity that our fate would be in their hands. Letting whatever may happen actually happen is avoiding the effort, taking the easy way out. To rise beyond evil takes a grueling volition, the challenge of existence. We have the chance to become amazing creatures at this time, to make this effort, and our most profound waste of the universe would be failing to embrace it.

Love and hugs, http://eternalcity.netai.net



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[-] -2 points by struggleforfreedom90 (-1) 6 years ago


[-] 2 points by bullfrogma (448) 6 years ago

Okay, as in sure or as in whatever?


I think a requirement for democracy is conversation. No worry, really just saying that good things take effort, and the more addicted we become the more effort it's going to take. Serious, huge effort. No seriously, like we need to do something.

Where is ground zero? Where is the center of command for this public emergency? Where is the conversation and brain storming to figure out a strategy that will work?

From what I can tell the key and most powerful thing is money, by using it, but more than that by not using it. It's power that can be taken away. Who is going to give up that power willingly? Elitist secret societies with agents all over our system? Probably not.

I liked your post about democracy in the workplace. It'd sure be nice to have endeavoring that didn't amount to a single dude getting fat off the work of other people, while giving back peanuts.

It's a whole other thing when a leader has vision and can cherish and enhance the participation of others, but mostly they really are just someone looking for slaves. It sucks.