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Forum Post: Government Shutdown A Distraction From Whats Really Important

Posted 10 years ago on Oct. 6, 2013, 12:15 p.m. EST by harrytuttle (3)
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It is funny to me that people place the blame on the Tea Party for the shutdown but you have to understand that both parties are owned by the same powers that be and as such are used like chess pieces to promote particular agendas and hide others. You see democrats want to make the cuts. This is all a ploy for a grand bargain of austerity and the opening of the borders for the free flow of cheap skilled labor. It's also a nice way to keep the TPP off the radar. The funny thing is you jack asses are falling for it. Every thread is Tea party this and Obama that it's a fucking joke. They work towards the same goals it only seems as if they hold opposing views. Haven't you people learned anything yet?



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[-] 2 points by Toynbee (656) from Savannah, GA 10 years ago
  • The Koch Brothers shut-down wet dream is injuring countless Americans.

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/06/us/a-federal-budget-crisis-months-in-the-planning.html?pagewanted=all

  • Koch Bros are NOT Americans

  • Koch Bros are Brown Shirts

  • If Democrats allow Republicans to win concessions for not blowing up America, the next time they will threaten a blowup if we don't cut Social Security, lift health and safety regulations, eliminate regulations on Wall Street financiers.

  • This is only the beginning if Republicans get their way.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

Poor innocent, curmudgeonly, libe(R)tarian Koch brothers?

Their "corporation" claims complete innocence...............................:)


[-] 1 points by Toynbee (656) from Savannah, GA 10 years ago
  • Spoiled mega-rich Koch brothers inherited their wealth.
  • Nothing wrong with inheriting wealth.
  • What is wrong is that the Koch brothers are disconnected from the 99% of Americans.
  • Koch brothers are un-American
[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

The real problem, is that they are fully connect to the 99%.

They pump, pipe and refine the petroleum products we all know and use, every day. From the vehicles we use and bring us various "consumables", to the walls we live in and the carpets we walk on, to the paper we wipe with and the paper cup we drink our bottled water from.

It is perhaps, almost impossible to completely avoid their "products".

They just want to write all the rules too.




[-] -2 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

you people are delusional.



[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Guess what? Your shilling ass is done. DONE. Better go back to your master and figure out what your next move is going to be.

[-] -3 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

you are the obama shill. he kills women and children and you think he is just dandy. fucking fraudulent liberal hack.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 10 years ago


[-] 1 points by Toynbee (656) from Savannah, GA 10 years ago
  • Koch brothers financed the planning of this federal government shutdown.
  • Are the Koch brothers stuck on stupid?
  • Why are the Koch brothers sabotaging America?
  • Koch brother are un-American.


[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

there's been many reports on staff members moving to lobbyist for corps

but those issues don't make congressional debate

pretty much everyone voted to go to war in iraq

[-] -1 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

so you are saying obama is not fast tracking tpp with sopa buried in it? are you saying that both parties don't have the same masters? what exactly is it that you are saying?

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 10 years ago

Obama sold out the American public - as did Bush as did an the Supreme Court and entire Congress full of Republicans and Democrats who like to spend their time mock debating on moral matters, whilst stuffing their pockets full of Wall Streets money and doing their bidding right out in the open in front of all of us (hidden by the corporate media) - and completely selling out the American public so individually they can all get richer than Avarice. I think it gets confusing when you start bagging on Obama or we start bagging on Bush - there is an innate desire within all of us to want to believe the people we side with on societal issues share our moral fabric or matter - unfortunately they do not - it is a rouse. The more we get distracted by the fact that just maybe one side actually cares about Main Street, the more we can realize we out here are all on the same side - and that our enemy is our Corporate Controlled Government - a government that allows a few companies and banks to rule us so they can get a cut. This used to be called Kings and Nobleman - they used to make deals to subvert the peasants as well and the best way to keep them from rebelling was to point the finger at someone else. So they all suck - right?

Girl Friday - did it sink in yet? Will it ever? You are standing for someone you would like to believe shares your moral fabric - it is a lie, a sham, a scam.

Little fish on the hooks ensnared and looking around yelling at the other fish on the hook who is blaming you - why don't you realize the hook is attached to a string, and at the end is your puppet master throwing bate in the water, poisoning it, and throwing dynamite if all else fails. So what is a fish on a hook to do - they have to wrip away from it - hurt itself - tear part of itself off - in order to be free. Rebellion is not without pain, nor is it without sacrifice, nor is it without giving up that easy meal that sat on the end of that hook. Rebellion is the chance to never be reliant on someone else to feed you and then decide when to kill you or throw more fish in the water, or thin the school. If we want to stop being puppets we need to rebel. We need to accept it will get worse before it gets better, we need to give up such flimsy luxuries as i-phones and expensive gadgets and shopping at Wal-Mart. We need to boycott gas, we need to take measures that will force them to get their hooks out of our water.

Stop shopping - stop feeding monopolies, shop small, take your money out of banks - buy only organic products from small companies - protest monopolies - go after the real enemy - go after not just our government - go after those who are bribing them to make you subservient. To make you jump through red tape while they can pay their way around it - stop buying so much crap - it is all crap - see how long you can go just with simple necessities. Protest high rents as a collective - this has to be done by the youth - we're it ... where is everyone? (Oh yes fighting with each other about Obama) hmm

[-] 2 points by vagabondblues (18) from Oyster Bay, NY 10 years ago

That was very well said elf3.

[-] 0 points by elf3 (4203) 10 years ago

thanks - more people have to say it - spread the word !

[-] 0 points by vagabondblues (18) from Oyster Bay, NY 10 years ago

..."spread the word!" I'm on it!, as we all should be.

[-] -1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

You have a large percentage of people out of work that don't know when they are going to get paid. There is 160 million dollars a day that are lost. That sits on your head. It's time for you to grow the fuck up.

[-] 3 points by elf3 (4203) 10 years ago

That sits on Congress my friend and those who sold our jobs overseas and bribed Congress to look the other way. Now I know you are confused for sure !

[-] -2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

No, that sits on you. You wanna troll for fun and profit? Then fucking grow up and take responsibility for your shit. That is all that you have: shit.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 10 years ago

I am a full time secretary and a common citizen - yeah those big profits are sure rolling out of my typing sleeves with my wage that has been stagnant for the last 15 years - Perhaps you're a hired hand designed to keep the movement against Wall Street divided? That or you need a break from here...because I fear you're starting to lose it.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

You're tea party trash. Always have been. Again, you wanna troll for fun and profit? Then grow up and take responsibility for your shit. This is your shit. It sits on your fucking head.


[-] -2 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

i believe tpp is what class warfare looks like and obama is fast tracking it. he loves it. he can't wait to sell us out. just wait, the entitlement cuts are coming. it's going to be part of the grand bargain. oh yes the grand fucking up the ass bargain is coming.

[-] 5 points by elf3 (4203) 10 years ago

Bending us over the Cliff ...but there you go again this is not a sporting event but if it were it would be wrestling cause they are putting on a staged fight to distract us from all the overpriced hotdogs Wallmart can feed us while putting up security and red tape so we can't bring in our own stuff to survive if you want to eat pay up buttercup sit back and watch the show as they turn us into their servant cash cows ...say moo or root for your side think that will make your hotdog any cheaper?



[-] -2 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

oh well if you don't know about the tpp let me show you.

NAFTA on Steroids The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would grant enormous new powers to corporations, is a massive assault on democracy.


[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

Do you live in a State?

If so. Which one?

You need to know.

As go the States, so goes the Nation.

The fucking joke, is that you don't already realize that.

[-] -1 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

i live in a state of disbelief over the fact that partisan hacks like yourself still don't get it. I mean what are you saying, tptb don't control states? or you fight them at the state level. either way you are wrong. you fight on a national level. in many ways the states are far more corrupt and ignorant. and you only have local press to hold people accountable.

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

Please note the use of a capital S.

I will temporarily ignore your idiotic, uninformed insult.

What State do you live in?


[-] 2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

You're a deluded idiot, makin' stuff up as you go along.

Wanna talk about Scotts latest escapade, in your wonderfully profiteered prisons?

How about his return to voter purges?

No,no, not you. Reality doesn't matter to you.

Restarting the soap opera is all that matters to you.

It was the gun nutters that really took this place down after Newtown.

They pretty much chased away the last of the rational posters.

Like you they were pro gun death, so you didn't notice.

Please for the sake of those of us left around here, take your soap opera and shove it up your ass sideways.

Along with all your lies and insults.

Since you never followed the money in N. Carolina, here's a cartoon on the results.





[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

I suppose you would have actually ask a question, for your remark to have any validity.

Unless of course, you are a mere puppet of another poster, in which case I would like to know which one, to aid me in answering this phantom question..


[-] -1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

your soap opera and shove it up your ass sideways.

well this is about the govemment "gridlock" and all those well meaning politicians unable to do any of it

shucks' I would have fixed things but the other guys stopped me

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

Actually, it's an attempt to exonerate the teabagge(R)s, by claiming it's somebody else's fault.

I need only look at what they are doing in the various States to see the folly in such thoughts.

hchc attempted to apparently blame me, instead.

[-] -2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

no one is doing anything

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

Who's "no one"?

The (R)epelican'ts are certainly VERY busy in Michigan.

Destroying Democracy.

It's what they, with the help of ALEC do.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Does it hurt when you do that?

[-] -2 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

doing anything is such an effort

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Well, Matt, it's ok. Don't try if it hurts. Lucky for you, knowing that you don't make enough money to file taxes, you will be able to receive medical care.

We'll just call for an ambulance.

Shhhhhhhhhh. There, there.......

They will whisk you off to a hospital to surgically remove your head from your ass.

[-] 0 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

taxes are paid to property owner and in interest debt

[-] -1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Ssshhhh. There, there..............

[-] -2 points by HCHC4 (-28) 10 years ago

"Please for the sake of those of us left around here, take your soap opera and shove it up your ass sideways."

The soap opera is based on 4 people getting a pass on everything and anything. Total hypocrites.

[-] -1 points by HCHC4 (-28) 10 years ago

Sounds just like the four of you rigging the site.

You four are so conservative in your lust for control its not even funny.

[-] 3 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

No. It's you and the soap opera of the banned.

Issue free and lying, as you always were.

While you praise the libe(R)tarians, yet ignore what they actually do..


You are one of those that attacked other users in an organized gang banger style. I know this. You know this.

At this point, I'm going to ask you nicely to stop your current train of attack oriented posting and find an issue you can speak on and provide links to support.

If you continue to attack other users in your current manner, or aimlessly bitch about the site, you will be once again banned.

I'm just sayin'.



[-] -2 points by HCHC4 (-28) 10 years ago

Hey, look at that, I have a new handle and now I cant vote.

Sounds just like " they need more ID, otherwise our power is threatened" nonsense.

Leave it to you to take away people's rights to protect your own interests. Make it so people cant vote until you decide they can, all to protect your little points. What a joke.



[-] 0 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 10 years ago

Bernie Sanders: A Political Crisis

Sen. Sanders discusses the planned government shutdown by the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party. A recent New York Times article examines the connection here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/06/us/a-federal-budget-crisis-months-in-the-planning.html?_r=1

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LC_4h8rk9E#t=311

How the Shutdown Could End, What to do to Punish GOP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX2TBzezq80


[-] -2 points by HCHC4 (-28) 10 years ago

All four members of the Fantastic Four on the site commenting on a negative way.

Prob means its a common occupy thought!! haha.

[-] -2 points by harrytuttle (3) 10 years ago

patting each other on the back doesn't make them right. they know they are part of the problem yet they lie to themselves and tell themselves they are not. fake ass liberals are worse than any conservative at least you know where a conservative stands. crazy or not. these freaks will go which ever way the party wind is blowing. they are not even real liberals. they are something else lets call it slime. yeah they are slime. never saw a war they didn't like or a child they didn't want droned. 98% of all drone strike victims are innocent that is a fact. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2208307/Americas-deadly-double-tap-drone-attacks-killing-49-people-known-terrorist-Pakistan.html