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Forum Post: Government By Telephone Calls

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 3, 2013, 3:23 p.m. EST by trashyharry (3084) from Waterville, NY
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The State of New York,and almost every other place in the world is now governed by telephone calls to a large extent.When the Billionaires made telephone calls to Elliot Spitzer,he did not respond in the way he was supposed to.He never made it to Washington to file the lawsuits against the Big Banks,which he was told not to do.So Billionaires,get those soft white fingers limbered up.If you care about your New York City real estate holdings,you better start making those calls to STOP the TPP.If you don't stop the TPP,Big Gas will kick Billionaire Ass.Fracking will be totally unleashed throughout the entire state.If fracking in the Southern Tier contaminates the water supply of New York City,your real estate holdings will be worth next to nothing and no insurance company on earth will be willing or able to cover even a fraction of your financial liabilities.Also,as is well known-Manhattan sits right on top of moderately active fault in the earth's crust.Right now,earthquakes are not much of a concern to property owners or insurance companies.If fracking becomes widespread in the southern part of New York State,that situation could change dramatically.The insurance companies will be way in front of that one-count on it.They are probably working on the problem already.The TPP is a huge threat to Rule By Billionaire Phonecalls-it will probably end it.So-Billionaires,crank up those phones and call every one of your lackey politicians! Give them a little taste of Angry Billionaire Telephone Screaming.If you don't stop the TPP,your Phonecalls and your Wrath will be just as ineffectual as everyone else's.What Billionaire can tolerate a situation like that?



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[-] 4 points by shadz66 (19985) 5 years ago

''The TPP goes far beyond a trade deal. Only five of the 29 chapters contain provisions related to trade. The other chapters consist of provisions related to patent protections, investor state rights and finance deregulation, among others. The TPP is a backdoor corporate power grab to advance the stalled WTO agenda. Or as Sachie Mizohata writes in Asia Times, "The TPP is a Trojan horse, branded as a 'free trade' agreement, but having nothing to do with fair and equitable treatment. In reality, it is precisely 'a wish list of the 1% - a worldwide corporate power'. " from :

Thanx for your clearly heartfelt forum-post tho' I lost the thread a li'l, lol. Apologies for one presumptuous word of unsolicited but apt advice 'Tharry' - as 'carriage return' / 'enter' is your friend, so .. 'paragraphs' ;-)

fiat lux ...