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Forum Post: GOP'S treatment of Newt Gingrich

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 13, 2012, 11:28 a.m. EST by debndan (1145)
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The past couple of days have shown EXACTLY why any intellectually honest conservative (NOT neoconservative corporate shills) need to abandon the GOP altogether.

Newt Gingrich helped form the reagan revolution

Newt Gingrich crafted the contract with america

Newt Gingrich balanced the budget in the 90's

Newt Gingrich worked with dem's for the betterment of the country

And now?

Why to hear Rush Limturd and Glenn puke, Newt is a socialist commie progressive etc etc.

FUCK them

and FUCK the GOP

Newt is the ONLY intellectually honest conservative left in the GOP, hopefully he has enough sense to turn the lights off when he leaves



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[-] 3 points by XaiverBuchsIV (508) 6 years ago

"intellectually honest conservative"?

He is the first house member ever to be sanctioned for ethical violations, and he was speaker at the time. He shut down the government in a failed attempt to increase Medicare premiums.

He's an adulterer, a draft dodger, and was a deadbeat dad who had to be sued for child support. He has conflict of interest issues with family employment and has used contributions to charitable organizations for campaign funding. He hypocritically slams Romeny, who is the shining example of the kind of pro-corporate policies that Gingrich endorses.

Newt is a turd wrapped in shit.

Best Newt quotes:

"The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument."

"The problem isn’t too little money in political campaigns, but not enough."

[-] -1 points by debndan (1145) 6 years ago

Typical Neocon propaganda.

Newt helped orchastate the Reagan Revolution while ROMNEY was voting for MONDALE

And Newt was also the guy that made the contract with america the CAUSED the republicans to gain the house for the first time in 40 YEARS while ROMNEY was busy being a LIBERAL CORPORATE WHORE.

So you corporate shills, go ahead, redefine conservatism

And the GOP will be redefined out of office

No matter how much your corporate masters spend, the GOP is over for the NEXT 40 years if they throw out the guy that brought them.


[-] -1 points by ARod1993 (2420) 6 years ago

Gingrich is in fact an intelligent man, and acted as a kingmaker and power broker for the GOP for a long time. He's nowhere near as crazy as the majority of the current slate of candidates, and I'm very much glad of that. The problem with Gingrich is that he's ten different kinds of a sleazebag, both politically and personally, and given that one of the major points of this movement is that sleazebaggery in DC is not acceptable it would be nuts for us to actually endorse him. The fact that Gingrich is one of the only sane ones left on the GOP ballot is not in the least an argument in favor of Gingrich but rather a sad testament to how far the party has fallen in recent decades.

[-] -1 points by debndan (1145) 6 years ago

I can agree with most of that.

Although I would have to say that most of Newt's sleazebaggery was over his affairs, he's the kind of guy you want to run your country, not date your sister

As far as the supposed financial sleaze, that was all propaganda by neocons that were, and are, out to destroy him.

When a pro-life, progun, proven fiscal conservative is called a liberal or progressive by those that opposed Reagan shows that the inmates have definitely taken the asylum


[-] -1 points by ARod1993 (2420) 6 years ago

OK, that's fair. Incidentally, although I can think of a number of people whom I wouldn't mind dating my sister whom I also wouldn't want within half a mile of the White House, the test does apply in reverse; if I don't trust you to keep your hands off my sister's ass in public and keep the silverware from winding up in your pocket by the end of the dinner, then there is no way in hell I want you running the country.