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Forum Post: Good Cop Vs Bad Cop

Posted 4 years ago on April 8, 2014, 9:23 p.m. EST by JGriff99mph (507)
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A very typical way of controlling humans, tried and true for a very very very long time. Very simple, which is key. Plays off of basic human emotions.

Occupy helped to blow the cover off of this scam, we will see what the future holds.

“When the pupil is ready, the Master appears” ... As in, when we are finally ready to get serious and take control of our lives, we will.

            In the meantime, we have a lot of growing up to do. 




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[-] 5 points by nazihunter (215) 4 years ago

I think what Occupy did was take issue on one of the great injustices and not let go. That is very significant because there has been discontent and awareness of the scams for a very long time. But they were all forgotten by the next news cycle.. Also, it did it just in time because the news is an unreliable corporate sideshow. But, the other side is very tricky. Dodd-Frank was supposed to stop the financial sector from playing loose and careless with other people's money. That we all heard about. What we didn't hear about was HR 992 which, for the most part, undid Dodd-Frank. Voted for by every republican, voted against by every democrat. but the house is republican and the bill passed. So guess what? The financial sector can do it again. And will they? I think there's no doubt. But, history shows us different my friend. The elite are stealing what's left and abandoning ship. That doesn't mean it's impossible. It's it time to mend fences...and quick!+

[-] 0 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago


Dodd Frank was written by the financial sector experts, it did the same thing as all the other stuff they pass: strengthen the big guys, put the little ones out of business.

Since Dodd Frank passed, there has been massive consolidation in the banking sector. Very few new bank applications.

The two very people its named after should give a que its a banking scam. Dodd on his vote to repeal Glass Steagall not too long before: "“I welcome this day as a day of success and triumph,” said Sen. Christopher Dodd, (D-Conn.)."

Fascism 101.

[-] 1 points by nazihunter (215) 4 years ago

Then what did bill hr992 do? Just flipping links proves nothing. That Dodd and Frank are the benefactors of the banks are is a given. Talk about the legislation. What is it? What does it do? There has always been mass consolidation in the banking sector. Very few new bank applications for what? This is how we talk smart without saying anything. The banking institutions aren't one in the same as Wall St., but you have to know what you're talking about before you talk about it. In simple terms, the Glass-Steagall act allowed a form of trading called derivatives, which are side bets on stocks that have little or no tracing or documentation. Clinton signed this thing after the republican house turned him into a spineless dog. Like most immoral people nowadays, who admits to their mistakes? So! What exactly did Dodd-Frank do? Because let me tell you something that if you don't get by now, you must be absolutely fucking stupid; the republicans wouldn't all undo it. They'd suck it's ass, JUST like they did Glass-Steagall. Dumbshit 101.

[-] 1 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

Ok, I'll explain further.

"There has always been a mass consolidation of the banking sector".. It has been an ongoing trend, mainly since about the late nineties (ironically after deciding to ship all the jobs out and devastate manufacturing hubs like Detriot). There has been a spike in it since the crash, because while the crash affected everyone, the small banks got no help and the big ones got trillions. The small banks got the extra regulations, and the big ones wiggled around it as usual.

In terms of Frank Dodd helping the big banks, simply look at the profits:


Increased and record profit while at the same time complaining about legislation. Typical in multinational/gov partnerships.

As far as "applications", I'm speaking of new banking applications. Of which 0- thats right- 0 were filed in 2011, and has remained miniscule since then.

The big 5 currenly hold about 1/2 of total assets in the country, up from about 10% in the early 90's. After the next recession, which we are due for due to simple bell curve logic, one or two of those 5 will go under and many other small ones, leaving us then with possibly 3 banks controlling 75% of total assets.

If you are curios as to the vote on Glass Steagall by your glorious SENATE, here it is:


90-8 in the Senate. Hardly a one sided move. How surprising..

[-] 1 points by nazihunter (215) 4 years ago

Well, Glass-Steagall was a tragedy, mostly because who the f' knew about it until it was too late. That's part of the point, I'm making. We missed that one, let's not miss another, like hr992. But, I'm specifically talking about the bill and the reason for it. I'm not making an endorsement for Dodd or Frank, I'm asking what is this bill and what was it supposed to do? Well, pretty much, it was supposed to take the grant for the reckless use of other peoples' money away, that which was granted by G-S. You are playing a game of sit out the vote, those of you on the left, because they are just as bad, (isn't that the basis of this post?). I'm saying, look at the end game of that and what do you think would happen? It would be absolutely disastrous. It's just an opinion, but as I've already stated, I would lay a good sum of cash on that. I'm also saying, which goes to the crux of your argument, why vote if both parties are the same? Well, I apologize for barfing on it originally. That's because when you look at the situation as you put it, it becomes instinctively clear that that is in no way an option. Then, you realize there certainly are differences. One of them would be the constituencies. We have a pair of brothers on the other side who have already bought half the republican base and our supreme court. Most of that constituency would gladly vote the pair of them in as P and VP. Yes, they are that maligned. To them, that does represent freedom. You know why they aren't already there? Vigilance. There are differences and you had better know what they are. You have to ask the right questions, such as ZD is asking below. At the very least, you'll understand the other side better. Hopefully.

[-] 1 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

You need to realize there was nothing missed at all if you are going to understand the system.

Check out my response to ZD's defense of the GS vote below.

We feel we are part of them, in DC, so we tend to make excuses for them, no matter the situation. War, thieving, stealing jobs, poison in food, etc etc etc.. There is nary a situation that the loyalists of both sides wont defend by blaming the other.

The fact that Congress has a 10% approval and there is near 0 movement on the people creating anything on their own shows where the real problem is at the end of the day.

[-] 1 points by nazihunter (215) 4 years ago

I hear ya. where's Sotomayor, or any of the liberal justices on letting corporations buy our government? Why is the liberal element coming out and saying I voted against it and it's wrong. I'm not hearing that. If you're standing alone even, you gotta say what's right. We know about the Koch bros. plenty, where' Democracy Now? Anyone? The pugs are much better organized in terms of grass root campaigns. So, whaddya suggest? Town hall meetings against the super PAC shit? They even disguise their names so we know not where the money comes from. The real problem is you need both side to concede on these issues. Shit you can't even get common sense out of most people nowadays. There you have it. There's piles of cash lying around and the sellouts are a plenty.


[-] 1 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

So they were too dumb to realize what they were voting for? Hmmmm...

Of the 8 that opposed, how many were Republicans? I guess that makes you feel better, eh?

Leverage? As in being bullied?

Ok, so basically you are saying they are too dumb to know what they are voting for, and too weak to stand up if they do understand.

Better hit the phones, ZD, that outta give em the courage and brains they lack!!!



[-] 1 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

Short term? That depends on what your view of short term is? It was 5 years ago, would you consider that a short term correction? IF so, worth it?

Clearly we know less than they do, as every horrific decisions they have made against our protests over the years shows, and the corporate shithole of a country we have afterwards.

Anyone who thinks making commercial banks investment banks is a good idea is either a fuckin idiot or a fuckin sell out.

Which one is it?

[-] -1 points by Rebis (0) from Hyde Park, NY 4 years ago

Dodd-Frank? For real?

Google Barney Frank/Fannie Mae and Chris Dodd/AIG to see how much those two care about you. Chris Dodd and AIG especially.

You are right that the elite are stealing. You just can't see half of them with your blinders on.

[-] 3 points by nazihunter (215) 4 years ago

Google it for me.

[-] -1 points by Rebis (0) from Hyde Park, NY 4 years ago

What's wrong? You more Elmer Fudd than Nimrod in the hunting department? :)

People who point out Dodd-Frank make me laugh. Do you really think Dodd would turn on Wall St after all the money it gave him and push through legislation with any teeth? Then that asshole moved on to SOPA after the AIG thing ran him out of Congress, because you know, Democrats aren't corrupt and greedy or anything.

It's all theater. Good cop/bad cop.

[-] 3 points by nazihunter (215) 4 years ago

I am the Nazi Hunter. You can use different names, but I know who you are. You make me laugh! You're way off topic, par usual. Reading comprehension-they teach it in grade school.


[-] -3 points by scarymary (2) 4 years ago

Amen, brother

[-] 1 points by bullfrogma (448) 4 years ago

Just now called obama and bush good cop / bad cop. Then saw this post. Talk about, uhrm, whatever that's called. And also, none are so hopelessly enslaved than by the illusion of choice.

[-] 0 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

At this point we are 100% incapable of leading ourselves, instead choosing to hire corrupted politicians to "save us"..

I honestly hope that this current tide of awakening continues, but the opposite tide of mindless consumerism and corporate consolidation of the education system is growing as well.

Time will tell...

[-] -1 points by bullfrogma (448) 4 years ago

Aye, I keep saying we're giving those people who have taken power all the time that they need to assess the situation and adapt their own favorable outcome. Progressive things happening or not they're going to disguise everything and manipulate social science; because they control all the strings and will never willingly give up that much power.

We could really use a mass uniting to demand actual response to some kind of reform, but we seriously have to unite this network of ours and focus ourselves like a laser. I'm sick of hearing that change takes time - they're just stalling, trying to keep people from uniting. Times changing takes time, but this is about something that has to change, like tearing down a wall.

[-] 0 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

The main reason occupy was so awesome was the uniting factor of it, along with it being a 24/7 action available to anyone who happens to come by.

It might be a long time before we see something like that again. Which is unfortunate, because it's the key to everything.


[-] 0 points by JGriff99mph (507) 4 years ago

Good cop depends on which side of the spectrum you prefer to be played by.

Conservatives tend to think Republicans are the good cop. Liberals tend to think Democrats are the good cop.

Both are being played, both are waking up, hence that both parties are losing registrations.

Can you grasp this concept?

[-] -2 points by shoozTroll (17632) 4 years ago

So as usual you didn't read any of it.

Just applied non-committal bullshit.

then accuse me of something?

Should I, at this point, forget all the other knee jerk threads you've posted under umpteen usernames?

Not gonna happen.