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Forum Post: gold jinyu Oct. 17th precious metal (gold )price trend analysis

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 17, 2014, 2:24 a.m. EST by goldhj (7)
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International gold price based sideways last trading day, rebounded to about 1243 multiple times after stabilized at 1238. Price is still at the basing phase, both upside and downside are trying to push gold, in today’s Asia trading time gold corrected a little, fluctuate around 1240. U.S. last week initial jobless claim is better than expected, yet subsequent jobless claim on the other hand is not as good as expected, September industrial output is better than last month. But October housing market index dropped sharply. Under the comprehensive influence, USDX keeps correcting, gold made a small rise. Currently gold daily chart MACD main and signal is approaching zero axis, red bar’s stabilization helps gold to rise, waiting for market fluctuation during intraday would be good.



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[-] 1 points by trashyharry (3084) from Waterville, NY 5 years ago

7:30 pm EST 10/17/14 What breaks first-the Hammer or the Anvil? Gld1239.00 0.00 0.00 Slv 17.99 0.00 0.00 Cpr 300.35 0,00 0,00 Crude Oil WTI 82.75 0.00 0.00 Brent 86.16 +0.34 +0.40% Well Wishers Gather to Wave Goodbye to Imaginary SS Titanic Djia 16.380.41 +263.17 +1.63% S&P 500 1,886.76 +24.00 +1.29% Nasdaq 4,258.44 +41.05 +0.97% Please note that NO ACTUAL VOTING MEMBER of the Federal Reserve Open Markets Committee has publicly stated that QE will continue.Statements that seem to indicate that the tapering off of the billions per month cash infusions might be postponed were made on 10/12/14 by John Williams,head of the San Francisco Federal Reserve,and on 10/16/14 by James Bullard,head of the St. Louis Federal Reserve.Neither of these people has a vote on the Fed Open Markets Committee.