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Forum Post: Gold Bonds - Why this is preposterous - AND why middle class AMERIACA will rise again

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 27, 2012, 1:17 a.m. EST by bill1102inf2 (357)
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Why not Bread bonds? Or silver bonds? Or corn bonds? Or wheat bonds? Or Rice bonds?

Because you want to do this, so that the USD price of gold skyrockets. Greed, plain and simple. As bad, if not worse, than the Federal Reserve and Central Bankers scheme.

Just default the whole enchillada and START OVER. Its been done before. It WILL be done again. At least until we move to a moneyless society. Something human beings may, or MAY NOT live to create.

Why do the gold horders not want to 'start over', create BLUE USD FRNs instead of Green? Is it becaue China won't accept them as payment?? Nope, you bet your ass they will, and they will accept $1.00 NEW BLUE USD to pay of $1000 or more old GREEN USD's.

Why would they accept this?

Because they need US Corn and intellectual property to steal MORE THAN the US needs China to make our toys and steal our inventions.

A 'start over' that involves nationalization of US assets both Tangible and InTangible will put the average American where they belong, much, much, much richer than they are today. All that gold/thorium/coal/nat gas/uranium/production capacity and ability/technology and medical advancements? The United States Of America, BY THE PEOPLE - FOR THE PEOPLE, ALL of those things are OURS and when the middle class is crushed enough to revolt, it will ALL be taken back from the 1% and returned to its RIGHTFUL owners.



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