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Forum Post: GOD: sometime you question shit that there is no answer to

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 5, 2011, 9:37 a.m. EST by ete23 (44)
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Greatest preacher 'alive' -- Lil Wayne

Who created God?

Who cares?

Sometimes you question shit that there is no answer to - Lil Wayne, self proclaimed greatest rapper 'alive'

Fight the devil with a demon

PTSD post traumatic stress disorder DEATH is PTSD


u there?


I mean Aliens


lil wayne

ill change the stars on the flag into upside down crosses(jesus crosses)

Originally Posted by ete23 12/22/12

12/25/12 last christmas

expect us? or is it 12/12/12

12/21/2012 [Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)]



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[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

President Carter

cash money$$$$$$

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

i will only ever trust lil' wayne to the 'fullest'

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

Lil wayne, man in the mirror mj taught him that

RIP MJ, couldnt get to sleep [smoke]

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

lil wayne shot himself by accident at like 10. did he have a NDE with God. I think I had a mild one at like 7. I was drowning in the ocean. My dad saved me My twin died 1 month old from heart compilations, back in 1989 the technology wasnt as good..

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

not about 'time' that is human construct

its about FOOD

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

gotta eat something, so does afrika

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

Pay taxes lol i got a money hangover- lil wayne

keep feeding them your time

time('holy' trinity)

--absolute nothingness --existence --eternity

time feels like an eternity to me lol

keep paper chasing, keep slaving taxes to gov't, keep peaceful, remember to be peaceful,


world peace starts with inner peace

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

i got a money hangover- lil wayne

time('holy' trinity)

--absolute nothingness --existence --eternity

time feels like an eternity to me lol

keep paper chasing, keep slaving taxes to gov't, keep peaceful, remember to be peaceful,


world peace starts with inner peace

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

11pm internet curfew

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

2 hits of seeded good mids and 5 hours sleep, no dreaming, just rest in peace, trying to ride this high before i smoke again

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago


they tell me dont get high and I should try and make a living

i tell um id rather get high and make a killing.

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

on tour

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

stare into the sun until you cry, like i did listen to ipod, back of cop car, cuffed, cried because i was going to help people

michael jaskson HIStory,

listen to heal the world

stare into the sun until you cry, like i did listen to ipod, back of cop car, cuffed, cried because i was going to help people

michael jaskson HIStory,

listen to heal the world

not madman sweating from face, only sweat from palms really, just talking, writing, listening so no real 'work'

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

'It use to be love, happiness and companionship'- 2pac- do for love

I think saying life is a dream is saying it really never happened, like you can feel it, you can know it, but it never was, never existed, never became physical reality. Like you can 'feel' others pain or something. Like example, your see on the news of someone getting brutally murdered, I'm sure you can 'feel' this, not the actual physical pain, but in your mind.

Like the emotion/feeling of love. You can't 'make' love out of material, like material object don't hold 'love' you can 'create' love from existence, which is why I don't believe in this all loving God, though it sounds nice..

You have to show Love, you have to express Love. It does make a physical reaction though(the best physical reaction, I think). Like tingling or about to cry or happiness or joy, whatever. Its great. Does that mean a man in the sky did it? The universe expresses itself, love is like the pinnacle of human emotion or feeling or expression, its what we all want. Hate is the opposite, we don't want it as the 'collective' mind/consciousness but individual people choose to partake.

This is why they say "love yourself first" because everybody can hate within just themselves, and it only makes the world worse off..... But, it takes you to express Love, to show, to put it out there in existence for someone/something to know, to 'feel' as-well, to experience the Love. Love is it people, everything stems from there... Maybe not to everything but, to us humans. Yea getting the physical reaction is great, but it starts from within, it starts from the mind not an outside force, an inside force, because everything exists within everything, 'overlapping' forever and ever, eternity but there exists only one physical expression.. the manifestation of the universe. Stars, earth, water, colors. How else could it be? Some joining with the All, the merging with the creator to know the 'truth', lol. get 'real'.

Light and dark. We know of light! It is almost equal to Love. I say it isn't as equal to some (take the blind for example) they know of little if any physical light but can still experience love and expression... Some creatures make there own form of light, like ones living way below the ocean. True darkness exists only as absolute nothingness like before we existed, like before we were conceived i guess. I dont know if life starts at conception, not scientist.

They say God instilled love in us until we ate an apple. This is somewhat true in the sense that WE should instill Love into others as soon as they can remember(like early childhood) stop cheating people out of love, light the universe up. I read something somewhere on the internet (think maybe a NDE experience)

Went something like... "God: see earth... see all the light, each point of light represent someone praying, if everybody prayed at the same time earth would shine brightly".

So pray for love please cause aint no Jesus coming back like a zombie. NDE story…. ...then I asked the light, "Does this mean that humankind will be saved?"

Then, like a trumpet blast with a shower of spiraling lights, the Great Light spoke, saying, "Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem and heal yourself. You always have. You always will. You were created with the power to do so from before the beginning of the world."

2pac resurrection movie opening lines…

I got shot. I always felt like I'd be shot. Somebody was trying to do me some harm because a lot of people don't like me. But I didn't think it was gonna happen at that particular moment. I'm surprised, but I'm happy. I believe that, you know, this is all in God's hands. And I'm very appreciative to God for everything I've gotten to do. But also, about death, we look at death from the selfish side, like: "That guy died. Oh, it's so sad." Why is it sad? He's away from all of this bad stuff that's here on Earth. I mean, at the worst, he's just somewhere quiet, no nothing. At best, he's an angel... or he's a spirit somewhere. What is so bad about that? Throughout my life, I just wanted to be like an angel for God, do something where I could be of some help. And I can do that. I mean, I'm an artist. It's not like I have to tell the truth. I have to tell a story and reach you and get some kind of feeling from you. And then try to get the moral across. So this is my story. A story about ambition, violence, redemption and love.

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

is suicide murder? hmmmm

is suicide murder? hmmmm

temple body

constitution+10 commandments Ron Lawl

weigh your own sins and forgiveness on your libra scale

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

murder is never forgiven from now on?

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

the kid that really tried to kill himself(had visible red marks) not me, i just wrapped it around tight enough to feel 'pain', couldnt kill myself... call 9-1-1 and told 3 cops to come with shotgun and blow me away, i would come back in an instant as an angel

but no one wanted that responibility





lupe fiasco 3rd


[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

I was on zyprexa, lithium, tylonol(I prefer advil) and ativan

I could do some ativan right now or xanax or Valium for vertigo but not injected or snorted, or some water or de-caf tea for my anxiety, got water had tea earlier

the zyprexa and lithium i wont take. lithium requires frequent blood tests

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

2nd chance for ALL, prisoner, murderer, rapist

ALL 'sinners'

k i got actual work to do now

life is a game

live and learn

freeze or burn

love turn into hate

hate turn into fear

i got time to kill

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

wayne for pres all caps forget Ron Lawl ha

[-] 1 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

Evolution is observable. You have to remember that we can't say for sure how old this existence were apart of is. We know time exists and we know that it's responsible for everything changing. Time travel is ridiculous so we will never know how all this was created. Remember that its important to go by what is observable. what you can see, hear, feel etc. People that say they believe, felt God or 'spoke' with, whatever, realize that this is most likely just biological reactions happening in your body/mind.

That whole of existence is connected. Everything that is here is meant to be here. The way everything works together changing/creating is the deepest 'art form' there is. We should focus on our future. The earth, the populations of species, the environment and the love we should inherently give for our lives and existence as a whole. our focus should not be getting into the 'afterlife' of some God from books or other peoples ideas. Be peaceful. Know that you will never know what is the 'truth'. You will never know if there is a God or Gods responsible for this.

Its a true waste of time to debate or argue over the existence of God, prophets of God because, it can't be proven. Realize that the likelihood of a universal truth of how existence is possible or if God will come back and 'save' us will not happen in our lifetimes. Human Life really is brief compared to the vastness of existence and time. Evolution is totally understandable and makes sense. Its such a waste that people argue about whether of not its possible. We are intelligent. We can make more changes in our lifetimes that could really help human evolution, biologically and spiritually for our future generations.

Evolution is of the mind. We can't take back what we have done as a species to ourselves and the earth but, we could make great changes to ensure a longer survival of our existence as humans. Realize that you can't predict everything the earth will do, or what the universe will commit. We are only a very small part of the picture. Know God is an idea. Not a observable thing or feeling or reaction. This idea of God stems off to many religions.

Billions of people share a bound from religions. What we should be doing is not sharing a bound among God believers but a bound among humans. You have been had. Religions are to control you. Know the world is yours but were in this together. As humans our minds are basically put into motion by what is happening around us. We feed off each other, 'karma' is just an idea. This is why it is important to remember history. To remember what was done to get us to this point.

You control this, not a 'God'. You have a voice, you can change what you want. Larger changes take more time, effort, commitment and in a sense, larger changes take a larger amount of people to sign on. Whether you think you are being controlled or not, know that it really does limit your view of observable existence. At this point we shouldn't rely on books from thousands of years ago.

We are not 'perfect' we have inherited and continue to pass on every second bad ideas that do nothing for us. We are not trapped by elites or bankers or government or religions. We are trapped by ourselves. Our greed for one thing. Why all the greedy? Can you take anything with you? no you can't. Dead is dead. The mind and body work on an observable finite scale. Your mind is a part of your body and we know that if the body doesn't work the mind won't either so probably no 'afterlife'. I just laugh when people discuss this afterlife or immaterial reality. Why care about that when you are here. What you do here affects here not the afterlife. Focus on bettering what we observe, measure, feel, see, etc. Not focusing on what we believe because it will get us nowhere. We will never agree on everything, we won't ever be on the same path. But, know that even if our paths are different they all end the same way.

The common bound all of us share. life and death. Make the most of life because, its all we have. literally. Without our lives, without our mind(s) and bodies being developed to this point we would never experience existence at this 'level'. We have struggled and survived long enough to make our life way more convenient. (technology, internet, medicine, nutrition, etc).

Stop hoarding the convenience. Clean up your lives. Try and try harder to do the 'right' things. Become unaffected or stop being affected by what doesn't make sense to you. Know what does make sense and go by that. Progress is a process. Heed what is happening because to survive we basically do the same tasks over and over everyday until we expire. Improve on the 'design', improve on the 'creation'. Improve your lives. You can't change the past. But, you can try to undue it, undue the bs, lies, the hate, the discrimination and make the future better.

You first need to stop lying to yourself. There are no prohets, no awakening, no savior, no enlightenment. There is only consciousness. Base your thinking on reality. Base it on the ideas and actions that make sense to you. World peace starts with inner peace. Be at peace with the fact you will never know for sure all that is going on in the universe. Don't think a 'God' or energy or whatever has your life predetermined. There is no fate. There is only change and progress.

Sure you could sit back like a monk and meditate all your life and 'rise' your consciousness to a level of peace and understanding with existence. But if you want to 'see' change. If you want to really see with your eyes and hear and feel the love we all can release, then you must become a factor. You must join the conversation, you must speak your mind. Freedom of speech? Does every country even have freedom of speech? Why are we allowing our people to live with fear that if they speak out for whats right, if they speak out for justice and equality and freedom and a chance for themselves but, more importantly a chance for their futures and their children's future they will be jailed or killed or tortured or anything.

Its not about 'waking up' or 2012 or Jesus coming back or killing the non believers. Its about realizing whats happening right now around you. Realize what got us to this point as a society. Realize the mistakes made. Realize that a few people have inherited great power( like people who can launch nukes and start wars and manipulate markets. People who control the news and will report on what they want you to hear, people who make laws). Stop sitting back while corruption happens. Demand transparency from our leaders. If you really want to call them 'leaders'. Because, at this point with the internet and video and media we can all become leaders. Life advances into its own purpose, the experience of its own existence.


Its not about being right in your beliefs, its about doing what you believe is right.


Best I can sum it up is like this: If you believe in afterlife or heaven or whatever, then I sum it up to this.

Before your 'time', before you existed you were not conscious.. I dont know for sure but life starts a conception?

You could say that: once you become conscious to a reality, to some kind of existence, to an experience, you can NEVER become conscious to 'nothing'. Like no 'lights out' when you die. because this no-thing doesnt exist to conscious being. other then before 'your time' you could say. But that is reaching. It could just be like before your 'time'. essentially nothingness. If that makes sense.

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

Good morning ete23. Hope you had a good rest and have a great day. Sounds like you have a great life with the many things that you are involved in.

  1. Observing evolution as it happens.

  2. Enjoying being bound by that TIME thing. Can you even imagine what your life would be like if you had no calendar, no watch, no one to say good MORNING. What if you were NOT bound by your TIME chains. Time only exists on this one place in the universe - do you think it is Monday on Mars?? How about 8:28am on Pluto?? Is it really 2011 on the Moon?? Yet you probably worship this Time god don't you. Gotta be here, gotta be there, gotta go to work, gotta take a shower, gotta get a drink - all controlled by your TIME god.

You can imagine TIME as a god but not GOD as a god?

You have even gone so far as to break your god TIME into years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, nanoseconds. How great your god is.

And you say I do not have a GOD who is love, forgiveness, creative, caring, all knowing, hope ..........................?????

When your god TIME is no more, what do you have left??

[-] 0 points by ete23 (44) 12 years ago

im high 2 or 3 hit of nice midgrade seeded can not smoke piff now, dont want to be that high

[-] 0 points by Infowar (295) 12 years ago

Idiot, try harder to get noticed!!!!