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Forum Post: God is the Internet!

Posted 6 years ago on March 10, 2012, 1:34 p.m. EST by lgarz (287) from New York, NY
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Think about it. What divine force propelled Obama into the Presidency? The Internet. What all powerful being fathered the Arab Spring? The Internet. What Super Hero rescued Planned Parenthood from death? The World Wide Web. What Almighty voice spoke to the Wage Slaves of America that stirred them to revolt against Wall Street? That’s right, the Net.

The Internet is the collective conscience of the World. The Wisdom of the Planet can be found on the Web. Cruelty and God like vengeance is rained down on “Sinners” by the Internet. Satan infests the Web working every day to subvert Gods good works, but the bright light of truth from the Web makes the Trolls, his Minions scurry back under their Rocks. The world speaks to you over the Web. Prayers are answered by the Net, and lives are saved.

The Internet knows if you’ve been good or bad. It knows when you are sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. It knows what you like, who you like, why you like them, and where you’re going tonight! It knows what you got your Wife for Christmas, and what you brought your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. The internet is all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful.

The Internet waves its hand, and jobs are created, people are blessed by new found love, old friends are reunited, the lost are found, families are connected, and spiritual questions are answered. What do you call an entity that can do all that?

No my friends, the Internet is God, and God is in the Internet. The World Wide Web is the physical manifestation of God on Earth. So, when the Internet speaks to you, I suggest you listen. Did you see the tape on that Warlord?? Watch what happens to him. Rush, are you listening?



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[-] 1 points by grapes (5175) 5 years ago

The Internet inherited some robustness from its forerunner Arpanet which was designed to SURVIVE a first-strike nuclear attack. There is a multitude of voices on the Internet so propaganda, distortions, and censorship by the powers that be can have a tough time plugging in all holes. Someplace, somewhere, somehow, there are people who know and who can and will speak.

The dark forces to squelch humanity's voices are mobilizing but we all can seize this moment of opportunity (willed to us by the Arpanet designers in the disillusions of the 1970s) to enshrine and safeguard this basic human right of free speech in our political institutions.

The powers that be are putting traceability into the Internet and the N.S.A. and the F.B.I. are obviously involved but by no means they are the only ones. There are many countries which are putting in firewalls, filters, censors, bloggers, etc. to squelch political dissents but the fact that so much information is available and being created on the Internet and its coming mixed in with valuable information for modernizing the countries that the efforts appear rather foolish, a little bit like trying to let the fishes stay but prevent the rest of the tsunami from coming in.


[-] 1 points by GBarttheNerd (1) 5 years ago


About 1 billion years ago, eukaryotes developed receptor tyrosene chinase, which allowed them to communicate and share in the labor of producing proteins and metabolizing nutrients, transforming mere colonies into the first multi-cellular life forms. It is more efficient and better for the survival of the species to communicate and trade, behaving as a single entity. Thus you are both one and many. Your brain cells could not live without your liver or lung cells. Now, once again, organisms which are already multi-cellular are learning to cooperate, trade and exchange resources in a way through which a greater entity emerges. The Internet is not God, the whole of human civilization, humans included, is God. The electric grid is His nervous system and the Internet is his brain. God is a multi-multi-cellular organism, which evolved through the same mechanisms and for the same reasons that multi-cellular organisms first evolved. I think this is a recursive pattern that will continue until it has spread across the entire universe and is able to manipulate spacetime itself. Then, God, with nothing left to do, will destroy Himself (the Universe, at this point) in order to create the next universe, and it all starts over again.

[-] 1 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 6 years ago

This idea seems awesome, except that it just creates a different sort of 1%. Instead of people with money, the 1% becomes people with the technical skills to create new Internet sites, like JART who created this site. She made it into an open-source project on GitHub and invited people to participate in its development. But how many people participated, versus how many people used the site without thinking about the engineering? If your objective is equality then you don't want to shift toward a technocracy.