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Forum Post: GM Salmon nears approval

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 29, 2012, 1:35 a.m. EST by ivyquinn (167)
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[-] 6 points by Builder (4202) 5 years ago

"Mostly sterile and unlikely to escape".

LOL. Bit of a hit and hope attitude, really.

Japanese fish farms have been doing hybrid fish farming in offshore holding pens for over forty years. I haven't heard any bad press from that quarter.

More focus needs to be on the likes of the Koch bros pollution scandals killing off whole river systems, and destroying the living conditions of people who call those regions home. Where is the EPA on this? Oh, the Koch bros bribed them into compliance.

[-] 4 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

EPA is a joke. It's purpose has been so eroded by corporations that it's barely even a separate entity. Sort of the the FDA, CDC and any other ' we're here to protect you' organization. I always think of how Hilter told everyone how he was building small cities for the Jews to live in order to protect them during the war. Even scarier, everyone believed him.

[-] 5 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Hence - sacrifice zones environmental disaster areas created by industry.

People take a look around you - this is what comes from living with the attitude/concept of a disposable society ( Buy and toss buy and toss ) so industry is treating our environment/world - extract and toss extract and toss - creating sacrifice zones environmental disaster areas - Does anyone see this attitude going towards dealing with the needs of society/people as well? Does anyone see a growing effort to stop helping the needy and just toss em out on the street?

Are You disposable(?) - not at the moment(?) - ever(?) - Soon?

[-] 4 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Refuse the Notion that Big Corporations Reduce Cost.

Demand the Break up of All Big Corportions.

Solidarity in Darkness, Love in Crisis, Support for those Separated, Data Swarming in our Darkest hours, Global Sharing as Prinicpal. Seek Only Truth.

Sorry did I get carried away....


[-] 3 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Carry on {:-]) please continue.

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 5 years ago

Good post. Corporations are destroying the world. No incorporation.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

Yes indeed, I've noticed. This genocide has been going on for many years. Logically, it makes sense when you consider the burden of the elderly and the poor on the gov't. People are dying just before retirement and many elderly are committing suicide after being placed on anti-depressants. Many medications are causing the onset of terminal disease- When you consider how slave owners viewed slaves as machines or tools to make them wealthy and profitable, then it's easy to see why our government would want to dispose of those who are no longer productive citizens and why they push for more babies. We are not meant to retire anymore, the want to delete us.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Woah, that is hot stuff, lady. This stuff is dynomite. We gotta be cool here. Look, the man doesn't want us to be tlaking like this. Maybe we could place an ad annonomusly... you know stay under the radar.

I know we don't have any proof yet. But ...you should proably stay with friends and not pay any bills. Untill this stuff is out there. you might be a threat to the USG.

If this was an actual emergency, you would have be advised to take shelter in a nearby building.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

I should be a more loyal citizen/patriot, you're right but before I can do that, I need a country that will value my loyalty.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

No, that was Satire. Don't change. There is a conversation about Cynics. Robert Reich and Willian K. Black both talk about not being a cynic. Or not becominga cynic. Cynics are not about change. Cynics have given up.

You are exposing the problems. you are speaking the truth. You deserve to be heard. you have new ideas.

Maybe people come here looking fo rsolutions and answers. Many of us have posted soltuions and answers. That includes you, Gillian. You have a place in this world. you are a teacher. You are showing everyone the truth. But it is a powerful truth. It is a big truth.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

Thanks M but sometimes, even despite knowing something for years and years, when I see it in writing, it just makes me afraid and then angry that I must live with such fear. I really do wish that I could feel proud of my country like I did when I was a little girl. it's like wanting to feel proud of your own family, you know? It makes me so sad to write the things I do.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Well, if I hear you properly... There is a step by step process. We learn from traditions as old as Sumer. First, we observe. Second, we feel and reflect. Third, we decide on the Principal or principals we need to follow. (repetition is the only way to learn logic, and philosophy as far as I know), Forth, politics always changes how we look at the reality of the situation. Fifth, cast aside the words of politiicans that you are thinking should lead you in this situation. Sixth, try to follow the money, this won't help for the first 2-8 years, but you should always remember to look at who profits before the profits are made... probably they powers that be will still profit.

Seven, Believe whatever Hospice workers tell you.

Eight, Just be you. You are the light that shines on the world. we are all Light shining on the world. We have to look to the quiet voice inside, look to the inner wisedom. Help bring the quiet voice to everyone. Teach.

Sorry I don't know why I typed this to you. I write without anyone in mind sometimes. So ignore this list if it is irritating.

[-] 1 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

That pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it? ;D

It's nice to be amongst good company

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Well I'm sort of waiting around for nice words from you. I guess it will wear off...sounds like a crush. Kinda seems like we are already codependent. I need support and I want support from you at this point... I guess it will wear off... I know that sounds cynical. Sorry. I am sorry...

The Quiet Voice is real. You know the Quiet Voice. The quiet voice is part of your spiritual life. You meditate and seek the quiet voice. But ever those who know the quiet voice, we know corruption. We know that people come and want to pay money for information about people that stay in the region.

The quiet voice tells us to be quiet. We are told to keep moderate. we know the politics of tv are mostly BS. We can live wo the BS of busy people. We know busy people are giving up freedom. We know if we live with the quiet voice we listen better to the world. We listen to the inner meaning of the many people and visitors that bring drama into our lives.

Wrote this an hour ago... I don't know how to add to it. I think it is good voice and good information. What I read is from a quiet inner voice...

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Yep - harsh - but a true insight nonetheless - Anyone can see it if they stop a moment and take time to consider. And we need the public - The People to wake-up and do just that - take a long hard penetrating look around them at the world at the practices going on.

[-] 3 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

People need to stay away from doctors. I know that sounds like I'm suffering paranoid delusions but I'm being serious. I'm not suggesting that doctors are aware of what they are doing. But, they are being used to fulfill others' agenda. Everyone should be opposed to Obamacare. It's a ruse.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

We need to be our own best medical advocate. See your Dr - just don't necessarily take their recommendation - not at face value - do follow-up research of your own - you will build a better knowledge base and run across different options. Always ask your Dr for all of the options - if they offer none or say there are none - and you find options on your own ( internet searches ) - then - you absolutely need to find a different Dr.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

DK, what I mean about not being able to advocate is that once you call a doctor to make an appt, you're already being assigned codes that discriminate and the advice you will get and the treatment will be influenced. The other issue I take is that no one should have to visit different doctors. This is what drives up the cost of healthcare and makes it such a wasteful system. My current doctor is not part of any health management corp and since I don't have insurance, I'm able to get completely unbiased ethical care. However, that will change next year.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Exactly - one should not need to distrust or doubt their Dr. But the medical profession/industry/corpoRAT industry - for PROFIT over people Industry is running amok due to those greedy individuals who are at the top of the pyramid and are calling the shots. Will Dr's ever stand-up and fight for what is right? They are people too - and as such fear for their livelihood - same as you and I. So to change this current sick/sickening/counterproductive industry - The People will have to be their own best advocate and take the necessary task of looking for alternatives - better alternatives - and then using those alternatives - untill the medical industry is revamped/straightened out/reorganized/rededicated - the people must force any changes by their own actions - looking for a truthful and competent Dr being one of those tasks.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

Many doctors are changing careers because they can't fight without losing their jobs. Most are under contracts that are underwritten by these corrupt management corps and big insurance and it's been a nightmare for them. Some doctors have spoken out and been attacked. Look what happened to Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Weil. 3 days after Dr. Weil appeared on Larry King and spoke the truth about our healthcare system and the bird flu, the FDA and FBI threatened him. Same thing for Oz ( warning that apple juice contained too much arsenic) and Mercola. All three were treated like terrorists. The FDA tried to shut down the cherry industry because Glaxo ( I think it ws Glaxo) was angry that cherries were competing with their drug that treats gout and arthritis - cherries being more effective.

[-] 2 points by Renneye (3874) 5 years ago

Pardon me for the interruption, but, I'm just peeking in and letting you know that I'm very much enjoying the conversation between you, DKA and Middleaged. I don't have time to contribute to the conversation, unfortunately...but you guys are 'bang on' and I'm enjoying the read. You're covering several important subjects.

[-] 3 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

Welcome anytime Renneye. Glad you're enjoying and please pipe in when you have time or want to add anything. Your comments are always welcome ;D

[-] 1 points by Renneye (3874) 5 years ago

Thanks Gillian! Maybe one day soon I'll be able to get back to my beloved OWS. In the meantime, I'll have to be content with reading the forum periodically...and I like your perspective and knowledge. Solidarity my friend!!

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Thanks. I was wondering how you were doing this holiday. Merry Christmas. Best of luck in the new year. Set us straight if we go off the reservation or off the map. Check my post on FOCUS Wage Reduction, Wage Decrease.

[-] 1 points by Renneye (3874) 5 years ago

Hey Middleaged! I've got a love/hate relationship going on with how busy I am right now...lol! You guys are doing a fine job! Hopefully I can get back here soon though. I miss you guys! Me and mine have had a wonderful holiday considering the shape of the world right now, it sure gives a person reason for pause, doesn't it?! I hope you and yours are having a great holiday as well. See you out there! Solidarity!!

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Truth - Break up Big Corporations to return peace to our lands.

Truth - Big COrporations are the reason that Executive Compensation has gone ballistic. There is no limit to executive compensation. None. Who pays the customer pays. Who Else? The worker who has lost the ability to compete. His job has become simple, so that anyone can do it, compent with him, and take his job.

This is Modularization of US Jobs. Very easy in manufacturing. But more easy in Service Industries. Services are done better by Asians. There is really no comparison. We can't stop this truth.

But what can you demand. What can you request. You can demand that large corproations get broken up so that there is a chance for small peopel to rise to the top. If the top is controlled by the big corproations. No chance.

[-] 1 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

That's right! We need a " party buster' squad. A single watch dog group that tries to break up monopolies and represent us in Congress.

Asians only seem better in the service industry. Before them the blacks. Whites and blacks and women became more educated and therefore, not interested in that line of work. The truth is though, those types of jobs may become more popular with the Americans now that our jobs are so limited.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Good reply. I would say that Monopolies are hard to prove. Stick to Oligopolies. they are just as hard to prove, but the threshold is lower.

[-] 1 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

Are they really hard to prove?

Have you had your electric power company tell you to shop around for better rates? I wonder how they get away with not having any competition?

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Eventually, they will tell you you have let them get away with not having competetion.

Doesn't help. Anti Trust Law has only been proven in court like 3 times ever. Unless I am just thinking of major breakups. Wikipedia is pretty clear on this. Once Corporations KNOW that courts will go after them.... well I guess they enlist the Regulators to join their staff. They Recruit the Regulators. They promise the Regualtors bounty for treating them fair, and for joining them in community projext. You can't prove anything if the guy that was the Regulator is now working for the Giant Corporation.... Aint that a bitch. lol (I don't really like to say the word bitch).

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

CorpoRAT corruption/influence golems killing the world in the pursuit of unlimited unregulated profits.

People support Move To Amend - remove false personhood from the unliving - this will bring us one good step forward towards getting greed properly controlled(?) after necessary lancing and draining of their systemic infection boils.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

Yes, you're correct. Another thing to be aware of is that our options/choices are on the chopping block. Supplements and safe food choices are on the chopping block. I can almost guarantee that Obamacare will eventually make it impossible to buy therapeutic doses of supplements without a prescription and severely limit choices through stores. It's just one more way for them to corner us and force us to play their game.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Another reason to push for the legalization of hemp. All natural requiring little or no(?) pesticides - versatile = building material - textiles - paper packaging - plastics - food - medical. Natural should be campaigned for and strongly protected.

[-] 3 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

I love hemp. I use it several times a week in smoothies. ( or are you talking about MJ?) I get hemp from Canada. As far as marijuana goes, the gov't should just legalize it. For goodness sake, I think it's been proven to be safer than any synthetic drug. They could also patent the extract and sell that for medical use. Why should someone have to buy an expensive drug that harms them when they could just smoke a joint or take the extract to relieve symptoms? My doctor told me years ago that once natural health becomes more and more popular, the more threats there will be against it and that if they discover that anything is good for us, they will try to patent it, make it synthetic, ban the natural form and take away our right to grow it . I believe the hemp fields are already being threatened by Monsanto's GM seeds in Canada.
Have you ever made hemp milk? I make it every week and it's delicious.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Well most of us are probably not familiar with hemp milk. But going back to pot, wonder what other countries are considered havens for pot smokers, ingestors, or imbibers... (might have some spelling problems there)

It is a question for everyone. Amerstdam is expensive for hotels. Seems the food is expensive, but you can buy cheaper food in the discount grocery stores ... like Lidol, Aldi. And there are cheaper foods on the street. But I think most people with find that Nederalnds is too expensive.

So where is a person to go? Not Europe surely. uless you consider Estonia, Poland, Croatia, Latvia .... Prague is too expesive. India is similar to much of Latin America... Marijuana is Illegal even if available. The trend is in South America where I hear pot has been decriminalized in many places like brazil, uruguay, Argentine (?), Columbia, Venezuela, etx.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

No hemp milk? Well, if you ever want to make any, just take one cup of hemp seed (hulled) and 2 cups of water and blend at high speed until it's milk. You can do this with any nut or grain really. Almond milk- same thing. Some people strain it but I don't bother since I only use it on cereal. But, if you made pudding, you might want to. Then you can refrigerate it. It's so much healthier than pasteurized dairy. Don't you earn more in the Netherlands? Plus, you don't have the same expenses as you do here.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Good point, I suppose. I have met people from Sweden, Denmark, who say you can make it... you can work in Norway, Sweden, Denmark ... the wage is higher and the rent is higher. I suppose Nederlands is the same in the sense. Outisders will say, yeah, but you can't save any money. That is okay. If you have community, you have everything, I guess.

So you are right. And I'm Spoiled. I live alone. I like Hostals because I can talk with Eurpoeans. But you share a lot of things in Hostals or you take a basic room without amenities. Sharing is different. Sharing an apartment or house is different. Why don't we share more in the USA? It is a sign of success or lack of success. We judge people that share apartments and we thing they don't have clean houses... or is it just me. Don't we think people that share apartments must be living in cheap apartments?

For me: I see a lot of judgements that I was brought up with. We are judgement machines... Or could be my family only. But the US Culture is to be an Indiviualist, A cowboy, A mavarick, and to live alone.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

I have done this with flax seed. also good kinda like wheatgerm when sprinkled on cereal - kinda nutty ( tasting - not idea ) {:-]).

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Not to much in the way of hemp products available around here - the occasional shirt or pair of pants. Anyway yes legalize just plain hemp for it versatility and good health properties - but also MJ recreational and Medical use Hemp as it can be so useful for the ill/suffering and it is a safe recreational drug - yep folks an all natural drug that is better for you then alcohol or sugar or many other drugs that are currently on the market. Should be a personal choice item.


[-] -1 points by town (-374) 5 years ago

doctors are not capable ot treating everything that would need treatment. if i broke a bone i would go to an orthopedist, not my GP.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

It's almost impossible to be your own advocate anymore. The problem is that the medical system is being used as a way to decide whose worthy, whose not. where you live, what your credit score is, the car you drive and more is being tracked through medical records and used to influence the quality of medical care, insurance, retirement benefits, job advancement and more.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33678) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 years ago

Yes data mining and the use's the information is put to - really quite sick when you figure the good that could be generated rather than ongoing attacks on the foundations of society. It is exactly why one must be their own best advocate and learn about health and natural foods and supplements - for 1 example.

[-] 2 points by Gillian (1842) 5 years ago

It is data mining but it's even more corrupt than let's say, website tracking. If you went to the doctor anytime after the Patriot Act was legislated, you were, at some point required to sign a contract agreement at your doctor's office and provide ID. After signing one copy, you will not need to do so ever again. I went to my eye doctor in 05 and when I read this contract, I walked out. I will not sign that document, plain and simple.

[-] 1 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Think maybe the people should be the ones appointing these positions, and not dweebs that accept tens of millions in corporate bribes?

Seems to make sense to me.

[-] -2 points by aville (-678) 5 years ago

The EPA is a rogue agency. They are not empowered by the Constitution to make law, which they do , by calling them regulations.

[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Wonder if you are sleeping. I once rolled up some fish waste and smoked it. I thought it smelled good and I felt good holding it in my hand. LOL just acting out a bit here.... But damn I felt sexy that night. lol.

[-] 3 points by Anarcat (42) 5 years ago

No, this is Frankenfood. Why mankind over exceeds his limits then dwells in his own misery? Stop GMO's and animal abuse.

[-] 2 points by ivyquinn (167) 5 years ago

Both are valid points. Frankenfoods are a complete inside job.

[-] 1 points by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL 5 years ago

Wow. Unreal. There goes your puppet appointed FDA again.