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Forum Post: Giving away U.S. Secrets......Popular Mechanics, the US Military

Posted 3 years ago on Aug. 5, 2014, 12:17 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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Had a conversation in 2010 with Mark H. Davenport...one of the designers of the U.S. Killer Satellite......a satellite that has the ability to use a laser to destroy other satellites. Mark had just returned to the Mountains where he lives with his wife...from Southern California where he is employed by a U.S. Defense Contractor contracted to design and build the killer satellite. Mark is in a bad mood and shows me why. Published in "Popular Mechanics" are the exact Blue Prints for the Killer Satellite. All an enemy has to do is copy them ..... build the same exact system ... with no initial design costs or time.... This is how the U.S. Military Complex is screw the U.S. Citizen...every year for decades. They say Edward Snowden committed Treason...but for me this issue of giving away National Secrets is even more serious. They are not being held accountable. Has the Contractor or the U.S. General in charge of the Killer Satellite project been charged with Treason...Giving National Secrets away......absolutely not. But now the U.S. Citizen Taxpayer has to put out billions more to enhance a satellite system that had No Competition.....Get It!...... They are fueling their own pockets. Popular Mechanics is the Military.

James Peter Evanhoe



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[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 3 years ago

people think they need jobs