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Forum Post: Getting arround police that are getting arround you

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 30, 2011, 1:35 p.m. EST by audidriver28 (16)
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IMPORTANT message to all the protestor,

Please share this with every camp that is still remaining, time is short and we are losing, the time for a new game plan is arising.

At the givin time that the police are present and are surrounding the your group, the best move is NOT!!! to sit in a tight group, but to disperse and confuse the police. We are making it too easy for the police to break up our camps, so we need to start playing the chess game with them, instead of them checking us in every city. Sitting down on the job is making it too ease for them to violate our constitution. Sometimes a little chaos theory is the best method to beat police conformity

Once again, when police arrive to tear down a camp:

  1. DO NOT let the police CIRCLE surround you
  2. pick up your signs, but leave your tents,
  3. split up and disperse in many direction, but do not leave the area, stay within 500 ft. or so, Just get outside of the police circle.
  4. Wait there, and/or hover around the general area. (with your signs)
  5. Do not let the police surround a large number of protesters. The key is confusion and disarray.
  6. Make it as difficult as possible for the police at all costs once arrests start

Lets call this.

Split, disperse,hover, and wait



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