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Forum Post: get organized! Dictators use soldiers, Congess, Senate, and every state and federal government, past and present use Wall Street, Banks, Insurance Companies and cousins. It is an educated approach to raise funding for the every next election!!!

Posted 11 years ago on Nov. 15, 2011, 3:35 p.m. EST by vancohen (0)
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what is the difference between the people in the Middle East and the people in Europe who went out in the streets demonstrating their dislikes about manipulative politics and abuse of money and power and the protesters in the US? Absolutely none. They all are people in despair and poverty. Professionals lose jobs, self-employed do not have enough business nor bank-lending to help with operation costs, students receive inadequate and highly overpriced education, elderly on social security slowly-fading off the american dream. Our politicians agreed to spend billions on useless wars but cannot step up to help their own country men and women. How hard is it for everyone to see that the grief of the have-nots will soon turn to rage. Wall Street and its cousins around the world, the banks, the Insurance companies, the pharmaceuticals, Wall Mart, GE, etc. paid the same politicians including the current government we voted for to profit at the expense of the American people. Stop wasting your time making news and money for the Media people who get to keep their jobs because of you. Get organized. Make lists of professionals in every Occupy Wall Street location. Locate advertisers and marketing people that share the same ideas as the 99% of you to create a unified message right to the point targeting the politicians that are opposed to your movement. Use your fancy i-phones to tweet and facebook your message in the exact words and with the same logo to billions of people around the world. As soon as it resonates, ask all these billions of people to send your message to the President, his government and the GOP politicians. While you are out in the cold preserving your ideals, the banks still charge you morgage and transaction fees, Wall Street still trades billions of dollars and you still have to pay your insurance if you still have one. Great ideas were born in America for the last 200 years. Use your heads and your education and make the people who are truly responsible for the sad situation we are in, change it once and for all. The claim that Americans have fallen behind in almost every sector when compared at other countries is not the people's fault. It is the same Congressmen and Senators that caused this disaster. If you find a way to strip the politicians from the right to hold their seats, they will occupy Wall Street for you or leave politics and be broke. It is unethical and illegal to have politicians that make money other than their salaries. Cross illegal. Most of them are lawyers and will find a way to make it legal. Unethical and deeply saddening!!!



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