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Forum Post: Germans Want Their Gold, Open Talk of Currency Wars and Stock Market Near All Time Highs

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 29, 2013, 6:46 p.m. EST by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL
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Ok, so this is pretty interesting. We have the Germans wanting their gold back, and us stating it would take 7 years to get it back. ???

And then we have all these bankers talking openly about currency wars. If they are speaking of it publicly, who knows whats going on behind the scenes. (The Fed will QE 85 Billion in a couple days, per their monthly promise).

And during all of this, we have the stock market nearing all time highs.

The last time the stocks got this high it was because of easy money. The money is even cheaper now. The last time, the economy dropped off very quickly. Whats to stop it this time.

Forget about Washington DC. They are useless, totally compliant in this whole thing. Who votes themselves a pay raise during this downturn?

Wall St/Central Banks/Fed are what they are, always will be. Predictable, yes, but not helpful if you are an average joe.

That leaves us with the people. And while not trying to sound like too much of a downer, there simply isnt a whole lot of activism going on that is going to reverse this tide.

History is repeating itself. It always does. And everytime it does, the people are stuck thinking- how did this happen again, how did we not see this coming, if only we had realized this earlier, etc.

So basically it seems to be coming towards an every man for them self scenario. Its how Congress is currently behaving. Its how Wall St is behaving. Its only a matter of time before that massive level of corruption works its way through the entire system and comes down on the people.







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