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Forum Post: Gene Sharp's techniques for none violent civil disobedience

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 6:29 p.m. EST by laurenpihera (10)
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Although Gene Sharp's book "From Dictatorship to Democracy", has been used to successfully and non violently topple dictatorships, his methods are basically "...a non violent means of seizing political power".

Since we must seize power from the clutches of the 1%, perhaps it may be useful to explore his methods and consider if any of them may be useful strategies in our effort to return this country to a democratic and free society.

Hopefully, I will not be tag for detention under the Defense Authorization Act for promoting civil disobedience.



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[-] 1 points by payday (9) 10 years ago

Gene Sharp - From Dictatorship to Democracy

The arabic, version of this book, was used to bring down dictator's in the middle east-

supported from within Serbia.

posted here is the book in both-pdf format & mp3 audio, in male & female voices. (English)
in " free" downloadable form-
From Dictatorship to Democracy adobe-pdf - 1 mb  (english)


female voice version (english)- mp3 - 154.02 MB 2.5 hours


mp3 male voice version (english)-154.02 MB 2.5 hours




simplefied chinese


traditional chinese


Gene Sharp's   web page  and  free  writings- 

Contents: FROM CHAPTER 1...

In recent years various dictatorships—of both internal and external origin—have collapsed or stumbled when confronted by defiant, mobilized people. Often seen as firmly entrenched and impregnable, some of these dictatorships proved unable to withstand the concerted political, economic, and social defiance of the people.

Since 1980 dictatorships have collapsed before the predominantly nonviolent defiance of people in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia, Madagascar, Mali, Bolivia, and the Philippines. Nonviolent resistance has furthered the movement toward democratization in Nepal, Zambia, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Haiti, Brazil, Uruguay, Malawi, Thailand, Bulgaria, Hungary, Zaire, Nigeria, and various parts of the former Soviet Union (playing a significant role in the defeat of the August 1991 attempted hard-line coup d’état).

In addition, mass political defiance has occurred in China, Burma, and Tibet in recent years. Although those struggles have not brought an end to the ruling dictatorships or occupations, they have exposed the brutal nature of those repressive regimes to the world community and have provided the populations with valuable experience with this form of struggle.

The collapse of dictatorships in the above named countries certainly has not erased all other problems in those societies: poverty, crime, bureaucratic inefficiency, and environmental destruction are often the legacy of brutal regimes. However, the downfall of these dictatorships has minimally lifted much of the suffering of the victims of oppression, and has opened the way for the rebuilding of these societies with greater political democracy, personal liberties, and social justice.


[-] 1 points by payday (9) 10 years ago

anyone that is knowable in the use of non violence- will agree that Gene Sharp is the expert- its his books that have brought down corrupt governments for the past 20 years- http://1vbd3.cjb.net

[-] 1 points by ubercaput (175) from New York City, NY 10 years ago

Gene Sharp is a fraudster.