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Forum Post: FSA to meet with OccupyLondon

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 6:36 p.m. EST by Trinity (0)
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BBC Radio 4 reported this evening (London time) that the FSA are to meet with OccupyLondon at St. Paul's Cathredral. In a tent!!!

We are behind you here in old Blighty!!!!



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[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

That is GREAT NEWS - yet another sign that the "Occupy" Movement is having a real, tangible impact! - thanks for sharing.


"Representatives from Occupy London are to meet with the head of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) on Wednesday, it has emerged. Members of the economic justice group will hold talks with FSA CEO Hector Sants over concerns they hold about the industry and how it is regulated.

The meeting has been arranged by St Paul’s Institute with Occupy London’s Multifaith, Belief & None group. It will be held at St Ethelburga’s Tent at the Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in the City of London and is scheduled to last for one hour. Former vice-chairman of UBS Investment Bank and chairman of Lazard International Ken Costa and the Bishop of London will also meet with 10 members of Occupy London.

The FSA’s plans for regulatory changes, the practical issues that must be considered and the time scale it is proposing are all on the agenda for the meeting, according to Occupy London. The representatives will talk about how they can work towards a future system that is accountable, fair, open and transparent, as well as discussing why it is essential regulators are independent.

Supporter James Hargreaves said: “It is great that Hector Sants has shown willingness to engage with Occupy London, as well as Ken Costa and the Bishop of London, at this precarious time for the financial system. As Occupy London passes its 50th day of occupation at St Paul’s, it also feels fitting that this meeting will take place in the Bedouin tent at St Ethelburga’s.

“Since decisions taken by the FSA on regulatory change affect the global financial markets, it is essential to get real feedback and suggestions from the public regarding regulatory change. This is why we are creating our new forum so that Occupy London camps and the wider public can get together to have that much needed debate with the widest range of voices - reformist to radical. It is important for those of us who feel unrepresented to have a way of getting involved in the future of the global economy.”

An FSA spokesman said: “We can confirm Hector has offered to meet representatives of Occupy London to discuss a range of issues, recognising the importance of the financial services industry engaging more with the general public. The meeting will be the first in a programme of events, organised by the Church called London connect, designed to open up a dialogue between the city and public.”

Occupy London has asked members of the public to take part in an online discussion ahead of the meeting."