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Forum Post: From Lawrence O'Donnell - MSM - MSNBC

Posted 8 years ago on July 28, 2012, 5:11 p.m. EST by bensdad (8977)
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ODONNELL: In tonights Rewrite, freedom. The defenders of movie theater mass murderers` right to use 100-round ammunition clips on their assault rifles insist that the 100-round clip is the very definition of American freedom.
Wayne LaPierre, the blood-drenched lobbyist who diverts one million dollars of National Rifle Association dues to his own income every year, never mentions 100-round ammo clips in his stirring speeches, but does mention freedom a lot.

WAYNE LAPIERRE, NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION: We, the majority, see the soul of the nation, of our individual freedom. And we see it on the brink of being destroyed. And gun owners are answering the call all across this country, to fight back, to save America.

ODONNELL: The NRAs mouthpieces in Congress insist that it`s all about freedom.

WAYNE LAPIERRE: It`s really an issue of freedom.

ODONNELL: And you know that whenever someone brings up the 100-round ammo clip that was used in our most recent mass murder, the defenders of mass murderers right to use 100-round ammo clips will talk about freedom.

VIDEO INTERVIEWER: Let me ask you, I mean, were not talking about handguns. Does something that would limit magazines that can carry 100 rounds, would that infringe on the Constitutional right? SEN. RON JOHNSON (R), WISCONSIN: I believe so. People will talk about unusually lethal weapons. That could be potentially a discussion you could have. But the fact of the matter is there are magazines -- 30-round magazines that are just common all over the place. You simply cant keep these weapons out of the hands of sick, demented individual that want to do harm.
And when you try and do it, you restrict our freedoms.

ODONNELL: __You restrict our freedoms__. This from a guy who obediently removes his shoes at airports to prove hes not going to blow up an airplane, even though he can also prove to all those anti freedom TSA agents that he is a United States senator. The 100-round clip is not about freedom. That senator doesn`t care about freedom.
Wayne LaPierre and every NRA member have their freedoms restricted by government every day.

VIDEO SEN JOHNSON: When you try and do it, you restrict our freedoms.

O`DONNELL: Wayne LaPierre and Senator Johnson and every NRA member are told by government where they can and cannot park their cars. They are told by government how fast they can drive their cars. They are told by government where they can and cannot smoke cigarettes. And they are told by government that they cannot smoke marijuana.

We take off our shoes at airports for the flimsiest of reasons. A crazy, incompetent al Qaeda loser wanted to blow up an airplane with something in his shoe that could not have actually blown up the airplane, even if worked. The crazy, incompetent al Qaeda loser got caught and every day since then, all of us, every American boarding an airplane has to take off our shoes, in deference, in honor of that crazy, incompetent al Qaeda loser. And Senator Johnson has never complained about restricting our freedom to keep our shoes on.

The freedom lovers at the NRA don`t complain that the Take Off Your Shoes Rule restricts our freedom, even though it does restrict our freedom.
Our government has enacted and this country has accepted the Take Off Your Shoes Rule as a reasonable reaction to exactly one -- one incident in our history, one incident of a crazy, incompetent person thinking, imagining that he could blow up an airplane with something in his shoe.

Exactly one incident that hurt no one.
Exactly one incident that killed no one.
That one incident has changed all of our lives,
has restricted all of our freedom.
That crazy, incompetent person who has us
now in our 10th year of taking off our shoes at the airport did not kill 12 people.
He did not injure and wound 59 people.
He didn`t shoot a baby.
He did next to nothing.
And still our government, with the general agreement of its traveling public, believes that it is perfectly reasonable, every day at American airports, to take off our shoes, because of that one incident that did no damage and could have done no real damage.

In the same country, when a mass murder uses 100-round ammunition clip to kill and wound as many people as he possibly can, our government believes that we should do nothing. Wayne LaPierre and Senator Johnson believe we should do nothing but wait for the next mass murderer to enter the next public place and see if the score is higher or lower than 12 killed and 59 wounded.

Because to do anything else would restrict our freedoms.

VIDEO SEN JOHNSON: When you try and do it, you restrict our freedoms.

ODONNELL: California has made the sale of 100-round clips illegal. California restricts those magazines to 10 bullets. And so if youre an aspiring mass murderer here in California and you decide tonight to obtain your killing tools legally, as our most recent mass murderers have done, you will be forced to reload after your first 10 bullets. And if you try doing that in a packed movie theater, I promise you, you will not finish reloading.

You will be taken down by the freedom of the people in that theater to attack you the second you have to stop firing and reload. The 10-bullet clip is about the freedom to stop mass murderers after they`ve fired 10 shots, instead of 100.

Wayne LaPierre & the NRA flunkies don`t want you to have that freedom. Wayne LaPierre wants you to be stuck in your theater seats, while the mass murderer fires another 90 bullets at you. Wayne LaPierre thinks people like me who don`t think anyone should be able to buy 100-round magazines are more dangerous than people who empty 100-round magazines in crowded movie theaters.

Wayne LaPierre scares people. I know he scares some of you with his relentless determination to make sure American mass murderers are the very best equipped mass murders in the world. But he scares the simple-minded members of the NRA even more. He scares the lemmings into actually thinking and believing that someone is coming to take their freedom away.

He needs them to believe that, so he can continue to siphon a million dollars of their dues money every year to stuff into his blood-drenched pockets.



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