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Forum Post: From Florida to Wall St, for S17

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 5, 2012, 12:45 p.m. EST by alterorabolish1 (569)
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My beliefs are that our only hope will be the sheer numbers of people that embrace this movement. Unless we win over the masses with this movement, we will not have the power necessary to change our corrupt political process.

How can we get people to understand that voting for any R or D is just feeding the monster? Many people are ready to give up on the two headed monster that controls our politics, but they don't believe enough people are ready so they believe they would be just throwing away their vote if they voted for someone else. Can we change that?

Dems are obviously the lessor evil but they're still part of the monster and will not ever change from protecting their own establishment, which we know are the same establishment protected by the Repubs. It's folly and millions of people won't even vote because of it.

A Brit posted here months ago that he hoped we get our act together, because as we go, so goes the world. The Brit mentioned that from over there it was obvious that we only had one party with two branches People posting here from all over the world have hope that Americans will unite to stop the corruption of our political process

Many Americans will continue to believe, "Don't discuss politics or religion", and will not join us in the streets. However, if we give them something to vote for, they will vote with us.

I still believe LOVE is the answer. We can't vote for LOVE directly because they won't count the vote, but the movement needs LOVE and I'm bringing LOVE buttons and stickers to S17.

We need a message that stirs the hearts of Americans. LOVE MAKES LOVE.



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