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Forum Post: Freedom to Protest Imperiled by Obama; Occupier Alert

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 21, 2011, 10:35 p.m. EST by debbierl (72) from Adams, MA
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This document is a work in progress. My goal in creating this document is to create a links and information page to be shared with other Occupy groups. As the Occupy movement grows, we will face continual persecution by corrupt political/corporate power structures (fascism, it is all one) for exercising our rights to peaceably assemble and protest. Right now, this will have a very loose form as I gather links and relevant information, so please bear with me. If you have a link you would like to share, please attach it to the comment section of this post. This is shared in our local FB group & if you are interested in following the thread, it will updated here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/occupytheberkshires/doc/118777761568528/

The DOJ’s escalating criminalization of speech (MUST READ)


What is (was) Habeas Corpus?


Obama on Habeas Corpus? (2008, before his DOJ destroyed it)


Obama wins the right to detain people with no habeas review


The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality


Obama criticised for continuing civil rights 'violations' introduced by Bush




ACLU on Obama Civil Rights (MUST READ)


ACLU Report: Obama Enshrining Bush-Era Torture


Michael Moore: Obama is Trying to Destroy Occupy Movement


Obama Proposes New Law: 'Prevention Detention'"Lock 'Em Up & Toss The Key, w/o Trial" - Part 1 of 2: VIDEO


Obama Proposes New Law: 'Prevention Detention' = "Lock 'Em Up & Toss The Key, w/o Trial" - Part 2 of 2: VIDEO




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[-] 1 points by debbierl (72) from Adams, MA 8 years ago

Please share with your local groups

[-] 0 points by eyesbright (0) 8 years ago

Whoa. If OWS is operating under the delusion that Obama is the problem, it's a sure road to failure.

[-] 0 points by axisroto (9) 8 years ago

Our next President, R_on P_aul stands FIRMLY against Obama on every issue listed above.

"Freedom is popular!!"



[-] -1 points by Renaye (522) 8 years ago

Please do whatever you have to do to repost this daily, or bump it with a comment or piece of information a couple of times per day so it stays near the top of the posts where people have access to it. Geez, or freedoms are disappearing by the day.