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Forum Post: Freedom of Lunatic Asylum, Human Deluge in southern Asia

Posted 1 year ago on Aug. 15, 2020, 9:54 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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A lunatic asylum run by the lunatics themselves ( though not the retarded ones to permit "awakening" under the enforcement of strict safety boundaries { ancient experiences often hold grains of truth, although garbled in some cases } but n e g o t i a b l e restrictions as circumstances change ) has got "Freedom." My Big Brother and I did a few scary "Freedom" things together but we weren't retarded lunatics so we changed our ways afterwards. Lessons learnt: "Don't take shortcuts which may well turn into long pastes with inserts of trips to the free emergency room or even the morgue," ( apply continuous positive nonviolent sub-fracturing steamy pressure ) and "Real men never get lost; they just take the scenic routes." The gungho-use-coal-power-to-modernize nuclear-armed countries will have the human tsunami coming from almost next-door Bangladesh to be dealt with while fighting each other for controlling the glacial freshwater supply of the Himalayas. Allahu Akbar. Gewinnt Herr Fartenheit?



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Mother Nature can strip off the pants to butt-spank the Pentagon.

Yeah, kiss the Yellow pantless bottom of Winnie the Pooh to get some, together with Yangtze ( CoViD-19, SARS_CoV-2, CP/C ) w i t n e s s- t a m p e r i n g. This end justifies the meanies [and the Bigly Red Book of Trumped-up Opiod-Busting/Anti-Corruption Charges]. Cool-waxy British translucent { no-word foggybottom(TM) self-censorship was revealed by caption @1:03 which reads "Concerns have been raised by some nations about how China might use its growing trade links to push its strategic ambitions" } was what Mom had switched me over to, when I couldn't train my small-caliber anus ( 屁眼 ) to read Chinese story, despite bi-daily bringing it newspapers with Chinese characters.

When I had bedwet as a young child, I once discovered that if I stayed under my blanket long enough, my pants would dry up and Mom couldn't produce any evidence. It was a discovery that I didn't use enough to avoid circumcision ( I was no Jew ! It's true that I didn't drink pigsty effluent but we certainly had pigs { I was no Muslim, either, but I appreciate the water-cleansing ritual despite my initial erroneous belief that it had come from the Japanese influence; anyways, the Japanese have some rather fancy equipment in this area, befitting a starship commander's seat } in our shantytown neighborhood; the humongous well-fertilized-with-pigshit-juice ¿guava? tree is still there in the northeastern corner of Fung Tak Park, holding up the soil to prevent a landslide into the park.) I wonder why Winnie the Pooh keeps on using the same trick as mine because it doesn't wear any pants on its bare bottom anyway. Just about everybody can see that it is indeed Yellow down there where it should be. Yeah, I've got to grab ahold/hold of the 金剛棒 sitting atop the fountainhead of human progress in the Crystal Palace of the park.