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Forum Post: Freedom is in our hands as is our future.

Posted 6 years ago on March 10, 2012, 11:13 a.m. EST by Ratico (21) from Fredericksburg, VA
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There is absolutely no difference between working for money and volunteering. The only difference is we believe we need money to prevent anarchy. If we did not have faith in the current monetary system to work, it would not work. It is only by buying into it, if you will, that it functions. The exact same is true for volunteering. If we buy into it, it will work. Where are we going to be when the majority of our jobs are replaced by computers and machines? Are we going to be without what we need because we cannot find jobs? This is coming soon. Now is the time to think about this, not when it is upon us. Think outside the box or your children will be enclosed in it with no way to think their way out of it. That is the current progression. To me it is sad this will seem so far fetched that the majority will not buy into it until they see it in application. Unfortunately it will not work this way. This is the only way it will work. We all wake up and go to our jobs. We perform our jobs exactly as we do now. We refuse to accept money for our time. Our time is worth more than money. It is worth equality and harmony. Once the majority of us do not take, the minority will have nothing to take from us. It is then that the belief in anarchy comes out. That is the last threat they have to control us. “If we don’t have money we will have anarchy.” This is a ridiculous absolute. They may as well say, “If you do not think you will be controlled.” This is what we control. If we volunteer to do our current jobs, there will be no anarchy because there is no anarchy now. What will change? Policemen will still be around, they just volunteer. Grocery stores will still be open they just do not charge. Food will still be on the shelves because we all have excess now. This is the fundamental point. Where there is no anarchy now there is excess now. In our society, which is different than third world societies, we have excess. Third world societies lack basic needs. This is what must change. Wake up and do what you do but realize your time and the people of the Earth are worth more than money. Wake up and realize your neighbors will do what is right if their neighbors are doing what is right. That is how we became so corrupt. We will also do what is easier if our neighbors do what is easier. Farm your food and donate it to the market. Drive your truck to the farmer and deliver to the market without charging. Go to the market and get what you need. Work in the factory so we may all have manufactured items. Work in the plants so we may have energy. Do not take money. Do not volunteer for any entity that sells his goods. Volunteer to do what you do now and the world will volunteer with you. We all volunteer now to make money work. Let us volunteer now to make our children’s future that which we want for ourselves. If no one will volunteer to give gas away then we will volunteer not to use it. If no one will volunteer to give energy away then we will volunteer to go without, as the third world does. If they volunteer to try and shut down our societies we will volunteer to prevent anarchy. If we do nothing now and anarchy still ensues, what then will we do? We should at least be prepared. What we can barely afford now, which is life, will be unaffordable in the future. This is inflation. I choose life for my children and their children. Our debts are in our heads as are our lives. Freedom is in our hands as is our future. Stop doing nothing and give your time. As the Beatles played it, “I don’t know how someone controlled you. They bought and sold you.” It is this simple. Only together can we change. Only apart are we controlled. I care more about my child’s future than my own. Do you? Thank you for reading this. I hope it made you laugh. By laughing at what we are we can move forward in a new direction.



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[-] 1 points by Ratico (21) from Fredericksburg, VA 6 years ago

Sorry for the lack of paragraphs. I thought it would post differently. Please do not insult me. I am just trying to help. Thank you.