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Forum Post: Freedom and Responsibility are NOT Separate

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 2, 2011, 7:53 p.m. EST by UnitedStatesofResponsibility (4)
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I do NOT have any problems with those who are wealthy or are part of big corporations, however, when it involves recklessness, corruptness, dishonesty, and exploitation of others and resources (environment) that is when it should not be tolerated. I believe in hard work, ambition, honesty, and overall integrity, allowing each of us to attain what we consider success or wealth in their lives. Let's face it though, the playing field is not even and we are not all born into ideal and/or privileged situations. Some people have to overcome many obstacles in order to acheive basic opportunities, such as education. Yes, it is possible and should be strived for, but those who have not faced those odds can not speak from experience and should not conclude it is just a matter of will. They should feel fortunate and realize that any success or wealth they achieved is not threatened by giving others the opportunity to achieve the same. We can not all compete on the same level if one attains his or her wealth by shortcuts, inconsideration, or dishonesty because it creates inconsistencies in standards from those who have and those who don't. Those corporations/persons who have resources such as lawyers, accountants, financial investors/analysts, risk analysis/assessment, have no excuse for not using those resources to EASILY remain responsible, accountable, honest, and legitimate for all aspects of their decisions/actions. Yet, it seems just as optional as regulations do. Have wealth. Have big business, but do so with a clear conscience and in a responsible manner. There is no reason for those things to be seen separately.



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