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Forum Post: Freedom and change

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 7:10 p.m. EST by CarnivalonWallSreet (3)
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...is what uprise is about? If not, it should be. We, the people are due to lives our lives to our own desires, shall they be damaging to society we ought to be punished, otherwise to each is his and her own. Government's mismangement, fraud and inability to adapt to future needs is one issue... Corporate greed is second. Then most importantly, us, the people need to change. Live better, work stronger. All these cause us are our troubles. Bottom line is they all need to improve. I belieive capitalism, studied economics/finance and work in the industry. I can speak on more certainty on corporate greed, one hard question to ignore is: why do high ranking executives within a company receive 20-50% annual raises while lower level barely receive 5% on a good year? Years of that behaivor is a direct reason of the imbalance of wealth. Capitalism is a good thing, now we as people need distribute the wealth a lot better. If we work for it, we should be able to have it, Clean up the fraud, tax codes, big government, and irrational behavior. Live free.



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[-] 1 points by wallwillie (39) from Hunter, NY 12 years ago

Corporate Free Speech There needs to be better corporate representation. Money is speech. Every individual, even individual stockholders, "ownership," has a right to free speech. Free speech means no one can force or prevent an individual's speech. Ownership has the right to direct the corporation's speech and political contributions. Majority control of contributions may violate an individual's free speech. Corporate management can speech for the corporation, but ownership needs to authorize that speech. No speech or money spent on political contributions may be made without ownership authorization and such contributions must be taken from the individual's dividends. No dividends means there is no allowance for contributions. Corporate management must poll the ownership to determine the amount and placement of all individual stockholder directed contributions. The assignment of all corporate contributions must be made public so that ownership can verify the correct placement of their contributions. Management can not make contributions on the behalf of nonresponsive ownership and thus can only make contributions for which they have been directly authorized.

Money is speech. Corporations are people, because people get the money. Free speech means people are not forced to pay for someone else's speech. Corporations may not force to pay or deny dividends, to a person who does not approve of money spent on speech. Corporations may only spend money on speech that is taken, by approval, from the people who get the money. Every person who gets money, from the corporation, must approve the money spent on speech, in order to protect the right to free speech. Since the money spent on speech is identifiable with a person then that money is subject to caps associated with that person and must be reported. Also, tax consequences flow, to each person, for tax exempt contributions. If the corporation feels that the cost of polling and reporting the money spent on speech is prohibitive, then the corporation is prohibited from spending on speech. Corporations spend money on product ads and any political placement in a product ad must have unanimous consent of ownership.

[-] 1 points by revg33k (429) from Woodstock, IL 12 years ago

This is the spirit of the movement


Check this out and follow the link after the edit

These are the demands