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Forum Post: 'Free' Water

Posted 1 year ago on July 9, 2020, 7:33 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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'Free' water is still widely available. If you see our planet from outer space, you will agree that our planet shouldn't be named as planet Earth but planet Water instead.

There is an abundance of water, except in deep inland places. The only BIG problem is that it's mostly NOT of the type or quality which people need. We need good quality, clean, potable freshwater for satisfying our human needs. We aren't ocean fishes !

A very stupid thing that we've been doing a lot since industrialization began was polluting our freshwater supplies and making them unfit for human needs while we fucked our way into numbering in the "billions upon billions." Water fit for human needs became a source of clashes, conflicts, and wars. ( The U.S. has a large number of war casualties/disabled veterans and their families and relatives due to the many wars it has participated in.) I understand how the lack of potable water stressed out the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, for example. It's not accidental that my early childhood shantytown had been built around and atop perennial permanent springs. Despite that, we still needed municipal water because of cholera and I suspect that being downstream of the effluent of a pigsty probably didn't help with the hygiene of the water from the well closest to my Grandma's cottage, either. Private upstream property usage as a pigsty created a potential public health problem downstream ( we need Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act enforced and not degraded by our ¿malevolent? [In]Fidelity Management-Information-Science [Idiot-in-MIS]Chief who seeks to convert public good to private money--the secular decline of U.S. automobile industry started with its capturing regulatory agencies so it no longer needed to improve gas mileage, safety, ergonomics, reliability, and quality--the result of which is now plainly obvious in the Rust Belt; where there's no high expectation, there's no striving for excellence and no coming up with innovations to cope and achieve: necessity is the mother of inventions; e.g. we had vacuum tubes and electromechanical relays for making radios and telephone switches; why was the transistor invented? there was an oddity from the early days of radio communication called the cat's whisker crystal radio which used a crystal of quartz, galena, etc. pressed by a sharp metal 《 here was the puzzle which triggered the quantum material-science-level understanding which led to the birth of the transistor, a semiconductor triode: as the type of the metal was conspicuously unspecified and absent from a Toys я Us(R) crystal radio kit's instruction, it DIDN'T matter which metal was used ! 》 needle for receiving radio signals and it didn't burn out like vacuum tubes or fail to connect/disconnect after many repeated switching like electromechanical relays { I saw my Big Brother replace our broken radio's burnt-out/heat-toasted ¿triode? vacuum tube to fix the radio which pulled in transglobal radio broadcasts from Qiuto, Moscow, London, etc.; I also saw the troubleshooting/debugging of a rack of electromechanical relays; the transistors and microchips replacing these oldie switching elements were the great breakthroughs which surged to meet the necessity for mass computing and communication; without the Cold War's intercontinental ballistic missile race and the race to the Moon, these breakthroughs wouldn't have taken off on such an exponential growth curve following Moore's so-called "Law."} ) Healthwise, it's worse than my Big Brother's baptismal hoggyswasch !

Maybe the beautiful yellow autumn chrysanthemums in the bamboo forest by the creek grew so well because of the pigshit effluent fertilizer. I don't believe in deregulation, unlike some of our brethren idiots who love to "drink pigshit effluent--corporate-direct, and get cholera ( Julian Assange might have suffered that experience; maybe Bernie still so-called "contracted gonorrhea.")"

I have nothing against making water a fundamental human right but I just don't see how filling a swimming pool in the deserts of Arizona or southern California shouldn't have a water charge imposed on the owners of the pool. The Colorado River has been sucked dry before it even reaches the West American Salty Lake. Pricing is how our economic system rations usage and we certainly need to regulate water usage for our utilitarian common good.

As for China and India, I suspect that Redfuckgina in its same old greedy way might have diverted water which had previously flowed down into India but the weather didn't cooperate with Redfuckgina which got far too much 'free' water: 2+3 = 3+2 > 4. If it were on good terms with India and could cooperate with India right from the start of the construction of upstream water infrastructure for the Third Pole ( besides North Pole and South Pole, the Himalayas form a tropical/subtropical Third Pole covered with snow and ice--which according to my definition for life being electric fire burning slowly in water means that northern India, Bangladesh, Indo-China Mekong Valley, Yangtze River Valley should have the densest human population due to the 'fire' from the sun heating the tropical/subtropical Indian Ocean and the 'ice' water condensate from the moisture rising up the great height of the Himalayas reaching up for the coldness of nearer space in the higher-level atmosphere,) Redfuckgina could have diverted water into India ( relieving perhaps its severe droughts ) to prevent flooding downstream in the Yangtze River flood plain. Greed kills [¿water hogs?]



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