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Forum Post: free slice of pizza

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 2:01 p.m. EST by sally12 (1)
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adriennes pizza giving us occupiers a free slice to 150 of us there looks to be about 30 in line so far thanx sisters thanx my new family



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[-] 2 points by me2 (534) 12 years ago

Show some class and buy a drink or something to go along with it.

[-] 1 points by HitGirl (2263) 12 years ago

You should do them a favor and post their phone number. I wouldn't mind buying a pizza for you.

[-] 1 points by pitmaster (16) 12 years ago

So, aparently capitalism in the form of a pizzeria is ok? Or is it ok because it's free? Bunch of whiny assholes!

[-] 1 points by sally12 (1) 12 years ago

i dont know what types all i know is its free good enough?

[-] 1 points by brockski (1) 12 years ago

there is yes but if you leak it there will be a frenzy keep those things hush thanx

[-] 1 points by 10MinutesBeforeImBanned (4) 12 years ago

Is it vegan pizza? If not I'm not interested

[-] 0 points by bettywhite (46) 12 years ago

thanx for the tip there is a hugle line so far tho