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Forum Post: Free Market Regulation Explained

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 30, 2011, 7:30 p.m. EST by ProAntiState (43)
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Free Market Regulation Explained by Alex Merced

Everyone always assumes that as free marketers that we advocate there be no regulations at all, but the truth is we think there should be no government monopolies of regulation or violence used in enforcing it. Then the response always is, if the government can do it then people won't. Although there are plenty of ways regulation can be done for profit in a way were the regulators have consumer interest more in mind than they do now. You've probably already read plenty of articles of the effects of government regulation as far as eating up resources and raising the barrier to entry reducing competition for the very firms your trying to control so let's take a different approach.

The intended or perceived intention of regulation is consumer protection, and we've seen that this is not always the result for one key reason,...




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[-] 1 points by hidden (430) from Los Angeles, CA 6 years ago
  • How monopoly formation can be prevented? When corporation serve large areas, it can prevent formation of competition in certain areas by temporary lowering prices in that area and shifting the expenses to another areas.
  • How finite resources, like radio spectrum would be allocated?
  • Can 100% of land be sold to private entity? If not, why not? How about half?
  • How can private property be enforced and protected?
  • How can you possibly protect yourself from mega-million corporation?
  • How can regulators be protected from physical threats of mega-corporations? Assassinations?
  • What about murder, rape?
  • Private security? Insurance companies? Ii worked so great with antivirus companies which developing viruses that only their AV products can handle.
  • How does private property become private in the first place? I mean, there are people, and there is land that nobody own. The question is, who do you buy it from, if nobody owns it? You can take air for example, nobody owns it yet.
  • How about money? Who prints money? Gold based currency? Then, there must be banks who trade the gold for receipts. What would stop them from printing more receipts then the gold they have and quitting the business while keeping all the gold and leaving you with the receipts? Now imaging biggest of them conspire and quit at the same time.
  • How can intellectual work be compensated? Inventions. Copyrights? Patents? They work so great... btw who is going to enforce them? If not compensation and no enforcement, then why would anyone share any ideas, designs?
  • How about dangerous/radioactive substances, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetically modified food? All of them are very profitable. Would you trust a corporation to develop the technology that can threaten the whole world? How would it be prevented?

I'm sure I can come up with more if to think some more. Free Market does not make sense. I'm not advocating state, I'm advocating elimination of profit motives. With profit motives, no real freedom, security, cooperation or equality are possible.