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Forum Post: Free ebook: _Changing the World: Policy Suggestions for the Ninety-Nine Percent_

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 1, 2012, 1:50 p.m. EST by ImaDreamer (82)
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The Occupy and Arab Spring movements reflect a worldwide frustration with how 1% of the population controls everything for their own benefit at the expense of the 99%. Countless millions of us are finally ready to take action, but we first need to agree on which policies to support. This little book suggests how we might find the necessary solutions through the application of four basic principles: reason, fairness, freedom and opportunity.

The problem isn't big government, it is corruption, inefficiency and government intrusion in private affairs. An Informed Democracy would provide a means of controlling these problems, without the problem of mob rule, by placing immediate power in the hands of the people.

10% of the U.S. population owns nearly 90% of the wealth. If they could get by with only 80% it would DOUBLE the standard of living for 90% of the population. An "Exchange Tax" at the same rate for everyone, with no loopholes and no other taxes, could make this happen.

Legalizing freedom of choice in the pursuit of happiness (the freedom to do anything which doesn't harm others) would instantly cut crime and prison populations in half.

Government competition with private enterprise in areas of basic necessity would reduce prices and provide guaranteed employment for everyone. This would end unemployment, welfare and homelessness, while everyone would still be free to make as much money as they want.

A single, worldwide government would end wars between nations and the threat of nuclear war.

Huge reductions in military spending could finance projects that benefit the people directly. We could have free health care and free education -- and all digital media, including music, movies and software, would be available free, which would solve the digital pirating problem.

Replacing the Federal Reserve and the practice of fractional lending with a government bank would end inflation, stabilize the economy and provide low interest small business loans to the masses.

The construction of one-building cities housing 100,000 people or more could cut the cost of living in half for those fortunate enough to live there.

Worldwide enforcement of environmental regulations would prevent pollution and eventually stop the climate change problem, deforestation and depletion of fish stocks.

And there is much more that can be done.

If you have always wanted to change the world but didn't know what to do, reading this little book might be a good place to start. PLEASE download a free PDF copy at thedreamers.org and send copies to everyone you think might be interested.

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