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Forum Post: Free Android App to help build #'s in NYC

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 27, 2011, 5:46 p.m. EST by InNewYorkCity (0)
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Apparently has no spam, links or profit motive and is the ONLY android app for 'Occupy Wall Street.'

Description text from Android Market is below link...


'Occupy Wall Street' App for taking it all back.

As hundreds of people 'Occupy Wall Street' each day and innocent women are now being MACED by NYPD Top Brass, the major media is under orders NOT to report on any of it. And do you know why? Well the answer is simple; The 'Anonymous Group' are the ones who called for the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest. And the US Government considers the Anonymous Group to be a "Terrorist Organization." Therefore anyone (even law-abiding US citizens in NYC right now), are now considered by their own Government to be "Terrorists."

Sound familiar? Haven't we been hearing since 9/11 that we would ALL eventually be considered terrorists no matter WHAT we're protesting? Well that time has now come. And this problem needs IMMEDIATE and SWIFT ACTION!!!!!!!!

This Free App, upon first launch, will automatically post a message to your Twitter as long as you already use your Android with Twitter. The message will read...

'Occupy Wall Street' Needs Help! Free Droid App To Take The Media Back! https://market.android.com/search?q=Occupy+Anonymous

The message will have three random numbers in it to get around Twitter's "Terrorist" filters. That's right... Twitter, FaceBook and the whole lot of them, have filters in place that PREVENT The American People from organizing themselves for protests and/or other political purposes. Lovely, right?

After the message is posted from the first launch of this App, it will only be posted again if you tap a button within the App itself. (See screen shot) You can launch the App as often as you like after first-install, and tap the Twitter button in the App to post the message again to hopefully get the app to go viral and bring THOUSANDS to NYC....





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