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Forum Post: Francois Hollande's socialist France with Chinese Communist Party must combat global unemployment under a modern socialist dream

Posted 5 years ago on May 8, 2012, 6:03 a.m. EST by DRSTNDESILVA (4) from Colombo, Western Province
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My heartfelt congratulations for all who trusted French socialism under His Excellency Francois Hollande! This French victory is just a new beginning for modern socialism in European Union instead of 1% capitalist political gimmicks of Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Traian Basescu, Mario Monti, Sarkozy, Silvio Berlusconi...etc. The name list of 1% of rich capitalist political crooks is so long and all of them want to continue "unemployment pool" with miserable life for 99%, while they enjoy flamboyant luxury life by manipulating espionage units and mass media in all languages, at all occasions, at all times. Do you want these 1% capitalist politically bankrupt robbers to steal your future anymore?

I appreciate Hollande's courageous backing of growth with employment instead of austerity packages of other bankrupt politicians in the international arena.

Bravo! Bravo! for your acceptance of growth for 99%. The Article 23 of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights on employment has just become a sentence limited to a piece of paper, which 1% rich political tycoons do not care at all. Even Ban Ki-Moon is impotent to implement it. Why is Ban Ki-Moon so afraid?...certainly because of selfishness.

So, Hollande, by respecting the French prestige (just like Napoleon did in the past) you must hijack the decision-making power from Angela Merkel, Obama, David Cameron...etc., and after a politico-economical jump start must 100% implement Article 23 of the UN Human Rights or the Article 40 of the USSR constitution thus guaranteeing the right to employment for all; without making any discrimination: ...

  1. due to colour of the skin
  2. due to the country of origin
  3. due to visa status/work permit status/green card status
  4. due to sex
  5. due to religion
  6. due to civil status
  7. due to language
  8. due to personal bank account balances...etc...etc.

A summarized political proposal to combat unemployment/social inequality has been sent to Occupy Wall Street as well as to Temple Trees, Ministry of Defense, French, British, Indian, Chinese and Russian embassies in Colombo under the theme "When CIA can easily create a paradise on Earth, why are they opting for democratic formulas with global social injustice?"

If you have any doubts about these proposals, please do not hesitate to contact me/us directly. I will always give my 100% commitment to enhance French socialist politics internationally together with the creation of 100% socialist open market economy globalization under the guidance of Chinese Communist Party, Bolivarian Revolution, Mahinda Chintanaya - Future Vision.

Even though I don't speak good French, I always adore Hollande's point of view in French socialism's victory at May 2012 elections. Francois Hollande, Sir, Your Excellency must bypass bankrupt capitalist political tycoons like Obama, Berlusconi, Cameron, Angela Merkel, Mang Mohan-Singh, Dilma, Medvedev, Putin, Bo-Xilai...etc., and become the Number 1 role political leader to create 100% socialist open market economic globalization with the abolishment of "jobless pool" in every country. 99% middle/poor class citizens worldwide are expecting someone like you to make the change in capitalists' 1% bankrupt selfish political ideologies.

...Sir, you can certainly become Number 1 politician in the world to safeguard humanity from capitalist unemployment with social disintegration by sending socialist French partners as volunteers/researchers/lecturers/exchange programme participants to Sri Lanka (mainly into psychiatric centres such as "Sahanaya", "National Institute of Mental Health - Angoda") you can boost the French socialism with an in-depth study of unemployment from a psychiatric point of view...

Vive la France!

Don't be a spectator, but a partner to crush bankrupt American/European Dream - Capitalism.

"Despertad!...ya es tarde"

"Desteapta-te...deja este tirziu"

"Socialismo o muerte"

"Tutto puo cambiare, basta immaginar lo" ... "sapere e potere"

Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite

Keep in touch.

Ciao, Dr. S.T.N. De Silva 21/28 Polhengoda Gardens, off Polhengoda Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)



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