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Forum Post: Formula for Change: 1) Occupy Wall Street; 2) Change the Thinking Paradigm; 3) Recreate the System

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 8, 2011, 12:27 p.m. EST by striper (3) from Norman, OK
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We stand in awe and bow in respect. People like you are rare in the history of humankind. You are not the first to stand up to the system, but you may be our last hope. We cringe to see you sacrifice and suffer, but we do not want to see you fail.

Your convictions are deep. They have made you courageous and tough. You have proven that you have the grit to prevail, but, as you well know, you are waging the underdog battle of all time - on an uneven field - and the general population is being led by shills for the 1% to believe that your weapons are firing blanks.

There is a way that you can reach high ground, where you will be able to load your ideas with live ammunition.

If it's true that "the pen is mightier than the sword," it must also be true that ideas are mightier than money. (Edward Bulwer-Lyton, 1803-1873, from his play Richelieu, 1839, Wikipedia.)

But as in the 19th century a pen could not have parried a sword thrust, so in our time ideas about economic, social, racial, and environmental justice cannot germinate and push to the light through piles of money. The reason ideas like those you espouse do not enjoy a widespread cultivation is because the current, predominant thinking paradigm, the "academic/scientific," allows the 1% to use the system against you. The academic/scientific thinking paradigm holds that reason is necessary and uses it as dominant, and considers intuition as nice but not necessary.

Your ideas, like the paradigmatic theories of our greatest scientists, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein, were discovered in intuition. What is discovered in intuition cannot be expressed through reason alone. But it can be expressed in a way to satisfy reason.

The great scientists did not use the academic/scientific thinking paradigm. They used a thinking paradigm that applied intuition in the first instance of perception (the stage in which they discovered their theories, all of which were based on a picture of the "what" of the phenomena they studied), then secondarily they used reason to "do the math" (to derive the "how" of the phenomena in theoretical terms). Ultimately, they reapplied intuition in a final test of their theries, in a move called the "bootstrap strategy" by Clark Glymour, The philosopher who discovered it being used by the great scientists. (Clark was a philosophy of science professor at the University of Oklahoma in the late seventies. His remarks are from my class notes.)

When we agree to debate the issues or form an agenda while depending on the academic/scientific thinking paradigm, we agree to rely on reason, and on experts and expert information, when the problems you are confronting require wisdom and the wise. Reason brings only expertise; only intuition can bring wisdom.

You will find that, if you use the thinking paradigm of the great scientists, when you ultimately apply your intuition to the "what" and "how" of the issues of your concern, the "why" will be reveals. With the "why" comes wisdom; with wisdom comes a way.

I have created a blod for the purpose of passing along the nuts and bolts of the thinking paradigm used by our greatest scientists:

Formula for Change: 1) Occupy Wall Street; 2) Change the Thinking Paradigm; 3) Recreate the System

The blog is new, so you will have to go to google.com, and then do your "search."

Whether you steal some of your precious time to visit my blog or not, PLEASE keep your eyes on the prize. You may be are only hope. Know that many of the silent majority are for you, doing what we can in our own small way. While the shills for the 1% try to undermine your efforts by clouding the issues and diverting the attention of the general population by dismissing your efforts with insults, do not despair. The path exists! It is in front of you, hidden under the money, kept there by the academic/scientific thinking paradigm.



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[-] 1 points by striper (3) from Norman, OK 10 years ago

PROBLEM CONNECTING TO BLOG THROUGH TITLE. Still must go through google.com, but use the blog address: prewiredunplugged.com. So sorry...

[-] 1 points by striper (3) from Norman, OK 10 years ago

To GeorgeCarlinRules: Your "rules" designation is no exaggeration. Had no idea about the "zeitgeist movement." Thrilling...

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 10 years ago

The path isn't mysterious. Another world is possible. Think carefully because MoveON is waiting with baited breath...


[-] 1 points by capitalismimplosion (33) 10 years ago

disconnect from the Matrix - all news, all media is corrupt, ever notice how they all pump out the same BS stories??

They create the false world we live in, they control where our thoughts go each and every day.

Get out of the Matrix, turn off the damn TV, cancel cable, if you can't you are sick... and need help

[-] 1 points by Misfit138 (172) 10 years ago

1) Take the under pants 2) ? 3) Make profit