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Forum Post: Foreclosure Review - Send Yours In Today!

Posted 7 years ago on April 12, 2012, 9:07 p.m. EST by desolationpress (11)
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Several months ago, I received a form/questionnaire used to participate in an Independent Foreclosure Review by virtue of losing my home to a short sale.

The only bright spot in the form was an open ended question asking me to describe any other way I may have been financially injured by the foreclosure process.

After composing my response, I sent hard copies to the Independent Reviewer, the House and Senate Finance committees, and the chief executives of PNC. I also posted it on my website:


I thought it might make for a good template for others to use to share their stories. So, I worked up a template and posted it:


If you have been burned by the moneylenders, feel free to use the template as a basis for capturing their story, and send copies to members of congress - both the House and Senate Finance committees and your state representatives. The key addresses are in the template.

There are at least three million of these stories, and all of them should be heard (or at least carried into their offices) as testimony to the scale and nature of the catastrophe. Make it concrete - "three million" is too abstract to really wrap your mind around. A few truckloads of letters might give them a better sense of the magnitude of the issue.

I would suggest email, or web forms, but they're just too easy to ignore. And delete. Sure, some trees may have to die, but at least it's for a better cause than more real estate circulars.

I'll post any response I receive from the bank. It's only been four months (it took them less than six weeks to initiate the foreclosure), but I don't think they want to give me any more ammo.



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