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Forum Post: forced ultrasound - again

Posted 6 years ago on June 14, 2013, 8:19 a.m. EST by bensdad (8977)
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This morning, before most Wisconsinites got to work, Republicans blocked my Democratic colleagues from engaging in debate on a bill to mandate pregnant women in Wisconsin to undergo ultrasounds.
Boasting a superior knowledge to doctors across Wisconsin, Senate Republicans reignited the war on women by passing legislation to mandate unnecessary medical procedures for women. What's worse? This legislation was designed to punish women; to make those who have already suffered, even unreported incest or rape, undergo a humiliating, unneeded procedure – at their own expense!

Led by Senate President Mike Ellis, Republicans cut off debate only after allowing one Democrat's argument against this intrusive, abhorrent bill. The refusal to allow the voices of Wisconsin’s women be heard through their elected officials is an attack on Democracy, and an attack on women in Wisconsin.

Republican Senators cowered at the possibility of having to defend a bill that forces pregnant women to undergo an ultrasound while the technician describes the image on the monitor. Avoiding convincing debate, Senator Ellis and the Republicans wouldn’t allow my colleagues to speak for their constituents who have been loud and clear in opposition to this attack on women.

We cannot afford to have Republicans make health care decisions for women. This is a decision that should be made between a woman, her family and her doctor, not by Senator Ellis, Senator Moulton, Senator Petrowski, Senator Lazich or Senator Grothman.

Senator Kathleen Vinehout

Senator Kathleen Vinehout
You should give each of these "men" a do-it-yourself sex change kit.



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