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Forum Post: for under the tree [cogent biter]

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 28, 2011, 2:27 a.m. EST by zati321 (169)
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ive been waiting my whole life for this: since i was born, the R party has been gaining power.while managing to keep all their hypocrisy basically under the rug. finally, now in 2012, i see it finally coming undone, knock on wood. i predict the republican convention next summer in tampa will be one ugly mess, the first BROKERED convention of our lifetime, which will see the republicans expose themselves in their cannibalistic feeding frenzy , as they try to poach delegates from each other...ill be there: maybe i wont be able to get into the convention hall itself, but ill be where the real action is, at the local bars/resaurants, getting drunk with the delegates(who, in the end, can cast their vote for whoever they want), whispering sweet rumors in their ears.... the tv camericas will witness: bachmann make perry cry when she exposes him as a racist/

newt make romney scream when he exposes romney's tax plan as only benefitting the richest one percent./

cain make newt's own delegates boo and laugh when he is exposed for all his very non-evangelical sex stuff....



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