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Forum Post: For The Love of God Folks...WAKE TF UP !!

Posted 6 years ago on March 7, 2012, 11:56 a.m. EST by DarkToLight (18)
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Doesn't everyone understand by now that what is being spewed on MSM are distractions and propoganda?....That what r-e-a-l-l-y goes on with politics and global rulers happens behind the scenes, under the radar? The truth is that reality is far FAR more removed from what we think reality is than we would imagine. The sooner we understand this fact, the sooner we can deal with things from the true point zero, bring these criminals to justice and live the healthy and peaceful lives we all want to live.

Found this under the ‘reply’ section of the White Hat’s website:


R. M.Feb 28, 2012 08:00 AM

The Bush/Clinton criminal cabal is the dirtiest on the face of the earth. They’ve been drug-running, money-laundering, gun-running, assassinating their enemies since H.W. got into the CIA in his 30’s. He was present on the scene in Dallas when JFK was shot, he was VP and ready to step in when Bush family friend (CIA mind-controlled Hinckley) shot Reagan.

[Most people don't know that the Hinckleys are an elite family that the Bushes knew personally, and were scheduled to have dinner with the week of the assassination attempt. Reagan went "off script" of the nwo agenda and was to be taken out. The Bushes have been leading USA in one way or another since WWII. LOOK IT UP FOLKS....this is becoming common knowledge now!

"Reich Fuhrer Papa Bush"....The worst political criminal ever and appallingly, he is eulogized as a hero. Can 300m be so ignorant? Opium trafficking is off the map since he took control of Afghanistan’s crop. Now his Taliban buddies are rich. Funding more weapons and IED’s to kill our kids while the B spawn rob the home store. Only in America folks.]

Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton brought plane-loads of drugs into the Mena, AR airport while Clinton was governor and shipped guns out, and they are STILL drug-running to this day, as John’s comment above mentions – More than 40 YEARS OF BRINGING DRUGS INTO THIS COUNTRY, and assassinating ANYBODY who got in their way.

All the while, taxpayers funded a fake “War on Drugs” and a whole slew of federal agencies “protecting” the Bush/ Clinton drug monopoly and murdering their competition.

We can clearly see from these videos that the RULE OF LAW was totally OBLITERATED in the early 80’s by bribes and murders, and has never recovered in the face of successive Bush/Clinton presidencies and "control of Obama".

GOOGLE: “Bush +Clinton +CIA drugs” for hundreds of articles and youtubes.

Drug pilot Barry Seal did a Youtube on his involvement and was promptly murdered. Later, Jeb and W were seen flying around on Seal’s airplane. BOMBSHELL! CIA BLACK OPS CHIP TATUM CONFESSES NWO PLAN – BUSH/CLINTON COCAINE

He asks the US media, “Is anybody there?”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C0EqQTX44s US GOVERNMENT DEALING COCAINE IN MENA ARKANSAS – PART 1




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[-] 1 points by TobiGrand (35) 6 years ago

L-o-v-e the White Hats !! This one from the WH’s blog comments is priceless!

UnknownFeb 27, 2012 12:26 PM

Under the White Hats, many brains have certainly come to bubbling point with the amount of Intelligence info to reposition on the world’s finance chess board… and details may be sometimes overlooked or underestimated.

When you mention ‘WANTA’ (Lee Emil Wanta) or the ‘27.5 Trillion’, any average reader, like myself, would simply bypass this fascinating scam -though it appears to be THE mother modus operandi of all the new age scams over the past 40 years, right to the recent Keil Neenan Trillion dollar lawsuit. Cf. David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny investigation: huge funds are gathered, are confided to, are stolen from, then reappear in the Rothschild & Co safe holds. Once you digest the repetitive, sociopathic, sabbathean path, the pattern is simple to recognize elsewhere. Part of your training, yes? If you consider that 13 bloodlines are not fully human and that there is a snitch in their mental mechanics… you have the whole picture.

Edward Harle aka Christopher Story (his GLOBAL ANALYSIS archive still online) had his life taken after exposing too many details about the Global Security Fund. Just as dark as the Black Eagle Fund!

The amount of 27.5 Trillion dollars is 1972 value (the principal). At 7.5% per annum and 20 years later, we then talk about 65-70 Trillion dollars. Payback once again ‘neglected’ in 1992. So how much another 20 years later (2012)?!

200 banks of several nations were the investors of these 27.5 Trillion dollars: Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico and Spain expected 5 Trillion payback each in 1992. See the pattern of what is happening to each of these nations today?

The Russian Federation expected 30 Trillion back in 1992. China, 30 Billion (per other agreement relating to). Leo Wanta, a highly, specially trained financial Black Op agent, was to receive 4,5 Billion in due payment as administrator of the Fund (that was stolen from him). After, he was named Somalia Ambassador to Switzerland (for the B.I.S. maybe?).

Ronald Reagan linked the Global Security Fund to Title 18, Section 6, US Government Intelligence -or Reconnaissance?- Corporation. Executive Order 12333.

Hillary Roadham Clinton (CIA code name “Witch”) was known to use these funds as her private fortune, dixit Christopher Story.

You have all the ingredients: apply (Rothschild) rules to patterns. Including Gold disappearances since the ’20s.

We also know that these 13 bloodlines interbreed mainly. Sideblows (Hitler, i.e.) become useful tools, never lost from view, positioned where and when necessary. Power-Puppets. Funny to read (today) that Queen Victoria would be a Rothschild side blow too… After all, England’s throne is occupied by a German-Greece lineage, governed/owned by The City (of Rothschild).

Wonder how many side blows have presided America’s destinies since its English (?) masonic forefathers… Seems to be another case of ‘the missing bio father’ in the SCHERFF/41st President ancestry. Best luck in the diggings.

[-] 2 points by humanityrules (14) 6 years ago

Good post Tobi....more along those lines...


Prescott Bush – The Patriachal Scumbag progenitor of the Bush clan- No wonder they are heinous criminal line of a master back-stabbing traitors that bought their POTUS elections. Listen to the doucumentary viedo.

Who did a security revamping of Larry Siverstein’s two World trade Center Builidings and his third Building # 7.

Well it hJUST happened to be – The Security firm of Marvin Bush and his cousin Wirt Walker Bush. Whaat blatant audacity. They really are stupid, stupid, stupid ! I guess there is no other scumbags rotten enough to do this but the Bush – Walker Clan; so they had to do the evil deed for Pappy.

The 47 trillion of Chinese Gold sequestered in the basement of the WTC, and the associated financial records for that gold in Building # 7, with The Cantor Accounting firm. (Records and remaining staff vaporized) The owner of these three buildings ,LUCKY Larry Silverstein was insured, OF COURSE! Probably by AIG , directly.

The Pentagon was hit in the section that housed the Navy Deptartment responsible for the allocation 2.4 Trillion dollars, and the records pertaining to the location and disposition of those funds. Of course , this stash was never found.The 911 destructions were a multiple hits, planeed robbery of wealth- a robbery orchestrated by the Zioionist-Nazi Cabal. This is no longer news to the good guys that are bringing down this Cabal. But most of Europe is firmly convinced that 911 was a Cabalist criminal robbery of staggering proportions, stealth, treason and infamy, unrivaled in human history.

[-] 1 points by vaness (20) 6 years ago

Hehehe...the Whlite Hats don't mince words, do they?! Here's another from their forum.

johnMar 4, 2012 12:38 A

Your comment features yet another criminal allegation of Bush Sr and his Drug Running, Alcoholic, Drug taking, Money Laundering Crime family. RV’s and the Global Settlements are the key to unlocking Global recovery. These Neocon gutter level mercenaries, posing as patriots, are consigning America to the waste bin of history. A Neo Nazi, corrupt family, with aspirations of grandeur. Focus on them. Research back to the Black Eagle Trust and expand out, then all will become clear.

History will question how so evil a bunch of misfits were ever allowed to get away with so much. Alcoholic Jr can’t even decide if he’s Arthur or Martha. Congress is to blame for such Banal rubbish ever being allowed to permeate so deeply into the system. Jeb is being lined up to run so they keep control of the White House. Another 4 years of Obama will cripple America, and Romney wont make it once the writs go out from Falcone. Then the Global media will come for him.

Bush only has Jeb left to play. In 4 years maybe Huntsman or Petreus will step up.Now is too early. Each need to build a base. Sr will continue corrupting and defiling all until he’s stopped. He is Americas far and away Number One Public enemy. With a neutered media and stupefied population,they believe they are invincible. Bushes own words, Useless Eaters, says it all. He and his Tri Lateral Rockefeller associates want a 90% Global population reduction. Unchecked they will get it. Focus on Sr Fed Up.


[-] 0 points by DKAtoday (33674) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 years ago



It is your job people to find the truth.

Do not be led by anyone.

Do not discount either because it sounds absurd.

Instead look for the truth yourself.

We go forward.